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06.10.2015 14:24

Postgraduate students bring Science Slam to Voronezh

On September 26, VSU PhD students Dmitry Koyuda, Dmitry Zhukalin and Nikolay Lysenko, and the member of the Department of Mathematical Physics Andrey Malykhin, took part in the First National Science Slam held in Samara.

Science Slam is a new form of science communication. Young scientists present their own scientific research work in a given time frame of 10 minutes in front of a non-expert audience that judge the performance. Applause is measured with the use of a sound level meter. One such Slam takes about two hours with a twenty-minute break.

All the participants get ready for their performance in advance. The first stage is the selection of candidates. Usually the candidates are young researchers. The organisers always try to make the Slam balanced both by gender and by the reports topics - so after a report on physics you may well see a psychology student presenting his/her project.

VSU researchers went to this year's Slam in order to see how it is organised and hold their own Slam in Voronezh. They believe that there are many young researchers here who are eager to tell everyone about what they do.

– “Science Slam is a great chance for researchers to tell about their work as well as to review their ideas and theories in a new format. But it is not as easy as it may seem. You can't use too many terms, and you have to explain everything in a simple way. The simpler – the better. Such events help us to see how our theories are received by the audience, and even the most naive and simple questions can give a clue or make you doubt the consistency of your approach. There are also many business persons and prospective investors at such events, so it is also an opportunity to get them interested in your projects. The major goal of the Science Slam is to make science available to a large audience” – says Dmitry Zhukalin.

– “Apart from the Slam, I've taken part in a conference on the problems of organising and promoting Science Slam in Russia. I learned a lot of useful things there and now I really want to organise a Science Slam here in Voronezh. We plan to hold one before the end of the year, and we've already started working with the prospective slammers. So, anyone who wants to take part, should contact me” – said Dmitry Koyuda.

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