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06.02.2015 12:49

VSU team "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold" at the Russian Student Marathon Day 3

6th February was the second and the most difficult and emotionally tense competition day of the festival. The day began with the indoor soccer contest. Our team, trained by Evgeny Solovyov (teacher at the Department of Physical Education and Sports), included students Artyom Koltsov (the Faculty of History), Artyom Maltsev (the Faculty of Economics), Anton Korablin (the Faculty of Computer Science), Sergei Babichev (the Faculty of Mathematics), Pavel Yelyutin (the Faculty of Mathematics), and Piter Ennin (the Faculty of Economics).

The tension was really great and all the teams were very strong. Our team easily made it to the semi-final where they were to play against the team of Tambov State University. We won 4:1, and met with the team of Yaroslavl State University in the final. The score was 2:2, but then the Yaroslavl teamed scored a penalty in the extra time, and, thus, our team took second place.

Parallel to this, the speedcubing contest took place. Unfortunately, our student Mikhail Krostelev (the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics) got only a consolation prize from the organizers.

The art programme of the day consisted of music contests – "Trash Sound" (a steel band contest) and a contest of patriotic songs. At the former, our team played a well-known soundtrack using various size water-pipes, plastic barrels, water bottles, paint cans, a cup of screws, and an aluminium canister, performing sketches from the film at the same time.

At the patriotic song contest our team headed by the post-graduate student Alexander Kopytsin (the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences) performed a "Song about Beavers". The lyrics were amusing and the performance also included a slideshow. The key feature of the performance was Konstantin Gordeev (the Faculty of Computer Sciences) dressed in a beaver costume and playing balalaika.

The jury said that the results of these contests will remain secret until the closing ceremony. There are three more contests ahead – billiards tournament, lasertag tournament, and KVN Cup (competition for smart, funny, and witty).

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