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06.02.2015 18:47

Junior scholars from VSU have won the Innovation Cup – an annual innovation projects competition held between Voronezh universities

On 6th February, the governor of Voronezh region Alexei Gordeyev handed the prizes to the winners of the annual innovation projects competition Innovation Cup. The awards ceremony was held in the building of the Voronezh Region Administration and was attended by representatives of the Voronezh government, heads of major regional production enterprises, leading universities and competition jury experts.

The first prize was awarded to Grigori Uskov, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physics and the Head of a VSU-base small innovative enterprise OOO Nanoimpulse. Alexei Perepelitsa, an engineer at the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy of the Faculty of Physics, won the second prize. The third prize was shared by a Junior Research Assistant at the Department of Genetics, Cytology and Bioengineering of VSU and the Technical Manager of a VSU-based small innovative enterprise OOO Tekhnologii Shmelevodstva, Mikhail Syromyatnikov and a Senior Research Assistant at the Voronezh State University Technopark and the Head of a VSU-based small innovative enterprise OOO Plasma Innovation Technologies, Alexandr Maksimenko. The Head of an innovative business incubator Alexandr Khvan received the fourth prize.

Projects presented by Voronezh State University achieved the highest average score. In addition, the title of the best innovative university of Voronezh Region in 2014 was awarded to Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies.

'I would like to thank the staff of the Department of Electronics and its Head Anatoli Bobreshov. One person could not achieve such results; the victory in this competition proves once again that fundamentally this is a school which works' said Grigiri Uskov.

'The competition is aimed at discovering research findings which are in high demand in the marketplace. Scientists have to overcome many barriers to find ways to implement their research. As a result it decreases their performance. Such competitions encourage young innovators to develop and commercialise their ideas' said Alexandr Khvan sharing his impressions on the competition.

'I am glad I have managed to become one of the winners of this competition. It means our project has future and it has been approved by experts. Such competitions show that our regional administration cares about innovators and their projects' said Mikhail Syromyatnikov.

'I'm glad my project has won the second prize, it was quite unexpected. It is the first time I have won in such a significant regional event. Hopefully, it will become an important step on the way to commercialisation of our ideas', – said Alexandr Perepelitsa.

'The project has great fundamental potential and is interesting for both industry and science. It has already led to a number of discoveries in solid-state physics. Processing techniques for very thin foils of various metals have been developed with some composition regularities revealed. As a result it has made it possible to create hydrogen ultrapurification filters of high performance,' said Alexandr Maksimenko.

The innovation projects competition Innovation Cuphas beenheldin Voronezh region prior to the Day of Russian Science since 2013.  It is a part of systematic innovation activity encouragement work carried out by the Voronezh region government. Competition submissions of innovative projects are accepted from any institution of higher education and their branches located in Voronezh region. Projects can be developed by research assistants, engineering and technical assistants, bachelor, master's and postgraduate students of full-time, part-time and extramural programmes under 40 years old at the date of submission.

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