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02.03.2015 16:01

Robots from all over the region come together at VSU

On 1st March, the main building of Voronezh State University hosted an event that brought together the students from the Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov, and Kursk regions – the Interregional Open Festival of Robotics ROBOART 2015. The Festival was organized by VSU, together with the "Experimental Technical School" non-profit autonomous extended education organization. The title partner of the event was Angstrem Group.

This is the second time that this festival has been held in Voronezh. The opening ceremony started with a performance of the young drummer girls from the town of Rossosh.

After that, the organizers of the event addressed the audience with some words of welcome.

– VSU Rector Prof. Dmitriy Endovitskyy welcomed the guests and the participants. “Today's celebration is for Voronezh State University, Angstrem Group, the whole region, and even the whole country. The University is an intellectual powerhouse, and this must also be true for the sphere of robotics technologies. It is essential that the universities and the business community should join their efforts in educating students. The ROBOART festival happened because the Angstrem company turned their attention to young children, while the university helped to provide the necessary conditions for their creative work. Before our very eyes, kids are changing the world with their ideas and talent. The future is yours! “he said.

– “I am happy that technical creativity and education are once again claiming their rightful place in the modern world. I am also convinced that a country's power doesn't just lie in its GDP, but also in its citizens' intelligence and talent”, said Gennadiy Chernushkin, Director General of Angstrem Group.

Alexey Fedotov, Director of the Experimental Technical School, wished the kids good luck in the competition, stressing the fact that there will be no losers there, since everyone would have an opportunity to share their unique experience, make new friends, and find like-minded fellows.

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of VSU Aleksandr Shashkin expressed gratitude to the companies that took an active part in organizing the festival.

The programme was really eventful. The Festival included an exhibition where the audience could see service robots, robotic spacecraft, industrial robots, sports robots, and remotely operated robot vehicles, as well as innovative models and mechanisms, projects of the cities of the future, and cybernetic showpieces. Robots created by the students from five districts of the central Black Earth Region were able to compete in tug-of-war, drag racing, judo, kegelring, trajectory following, and stair-climbing. The participants also demonstrated their skills in speed soldering. In addition, for the first time in our city, an academic competition in robotics was organized for 8–11 grade students.

Even the youngest guests and participants had an opportunity to visit a number of various workshops in robot programming, robotic science, elementary 3D-modelling, constructing unmanned drones, programming complex DSR sensors, creating telepresence robots, as well as on aspects of operating one of the latest inventions – 3D-printers. There was also a workshop for teachers. It is worth mentioning that a total of about 5000 people took part in the Interregional Open Festival of Robotics ROBOART 2015.

At the end of the festival, there was a grand award ceremony for winners in all the categories. VSU Rector Dmitriy Endovitskyy handed out the awards, promotional gifts and souvenirs to the winners.

– “I would like to thank all the participants and the organizers. Our main advantages are talented kids, smart teachers, and the concerned business community members who promote the love of science, providing a motivation for further development of the whole country’s science and technology”, said Dmitriy Endovitskyy in his closing statement.

VSU Press Service  


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