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05.03.2015 12:03

VSU scholars conduct experiments resulting in a good mood

The researchers at the Department of General and Social Psychology of the Voronezh State University Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology are studying the most relevant and promising fields of the psychological science and practice.

– “Our research does not require any large-scale financial investment or expensive equipment, yet its importance can not be overstated”, says Head of the Department, Associate Professor Karina Gaydar. – “We are currently at the cutting edge of the psychological science, our research being not only original, but also often providing a unique insight into various psychological personality aspects”. Their results are implemented by the psychological healthcare and educational services, as well as law enforcement authorities, all of which are actively developing in the region.

The Department of General and Social Psychology does its academic and practical work using the equipment and facilities of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, which also has a laboratory of practical psychology and a psychology study room.

The laboratory of practical psychology is used for both teaching classes and ensuring their methodological support, enabling the students and staff to do their research here.

The laboratory is equipped with rare, even unique, equipment. This includes, for instance, a psychoemotional correction system which enables one to fight not only stress, but also certain psychophysiological conditions. Using this technology, our scientists are able to change a person's mood, keeping them positive and helping to avoid the blues. "Relana-ergo" biofeedback device serves the same purpose, helping one to learn the skills of self-regulation, dealing with mental stress and fatigue, as well as stress prevention and management.

In addition to that, the laboratory is equipped with the equipment that allows the measurement of a person's performance levels and evaluation of their personal characteristics. This testing device is called "Psychophysiologist".

The laboratory's resources can also be useful when working with school leavers, i.e. career guidance and psychological diagnostics of interests, aptitudes, and personal qualities of the potential university students. The three hundred psychological techniques that the laboratory employs thanks to the Psychometric Expert-7 computer system never fail to arouse great interest in students. This kind of work enables the school leavers to get some hands-on experience of a psychologist's professional activities.

Another unique device that our scholars have at their disposal is the Diana-04 professional computerized polygraph. It allows one to understand if a person is telling the truth or lying, and also if they are deliberately concealing any information.

Thanks to the assistance of Dean Yury Bubnov, the psychology study room has recently been provided with the equipment for a "psychological release room", states Karina Gaydar. – It is used during the classes aimed at developing the students' skills and competencies in self-regulation and relaxation that every professional psychologist has to master. This is especially relevant now, as people are becoming increasingly prone to psychogenic conditions caused by stress and high mental workload.

The equipment of the room allows the future psychologists as representatives of the "helping" profession to learn the skills of controlling their own emotional condition, self-control, certain Oriental practices, art therapy methods, and modern self-regulation techniques. All of these contribute to developing important professional qualities, preventing the "burnout" syndrome, as well as preserving one's physical, mental, and psychological well-being, enabling them to realize their full creative potential and achieve the highest performance levels.

In the future, there are plans to use the psychological release room for relaxation and psychocorrection events for the students and staff, as well as for the Department's research activities.

VSU Press Service  


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