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16.03.2015 16:21

New step on the way to developing cooperation between VSU and the East

On 16th March, the Head of the Israel Section of Russian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Karasova and a senior lecturer of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Research Institution of Higher School of Economics Oleg Popenkov visited Voronezh State University. They met the Rector of VSU Dmitriy Endovitskyy, Vice-Rector for Economic Development and International Cooperation Oleg Belenov, a leading specialist of the Strategic Development Department Yulia Svetashova, and the President of Spartak Cinema Mikhail Nosyrev.

'Oriental studies are of great interest to us. We have studied the experience of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. Recently, we have also received a license for the educational programme Asian and African Studies. Aditionally, we have a lot of experience in creating Russian Language Centres abroad. We are highly interested in cultural, research, and academic exchange, and we pay special attention to its development. I hope that the future Centre we have discussed today will become a perfect platform for such activity. We are ready to work efficiently' – said Dmitriy Akexandrovich.

'We are both the world's oldest and the biggest humanities university. It has more than twenty centres and departments and our department is the smallest. Israel Department has always stood apart as we can not be associated with Arabian countries, the Muslim world is very close and the interaction very problematic. The Middle East is an entity and everything has to be taken into consideration. We work with the Middle East Centre, the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies and hold most of the events together. We also have joint projects. When considering the proposal to open the Centre we tried to think of ways of possible cooperation' – said Tatiana Karasova.

The ways and forms of collaboration are very diverse. They include joint round tables, staged lectures, exchange programmes for students and academic staff, joint research, conferences, publication of joint collections, workshops for lecturers, studying the structure, the politics the language and the culture of the state of Israel by students. Moreover, Tatiana Karasova said that they are ready to invite VSU students to enrol for postgraduate programmes as there is high demand from young scholars.

'Creating a Voronezh State University-based Centre is very timely. Training of the Arabic language translators is a hot issue today as Russia has no universities that offer relevant programmes. It would be a good idea to open an Oriental and African Studies School and start with Arabic language programmes. What's more it would be very timely to begin Translation Studies courses enrolment. The demand for this education can not be overestimated, considering today's geopolitical situation,' – said Oleg Popenkov.

It has been decided to study the main issues concerning the opening of the Centre and discuss them during the next VSU Academic Board session.

After the meeting the guests visited VSU History Museum and Book Museum.

VSU Press Service  


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