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03.04.2015 15:20

Theories by VSU scholars popular with the international academic community

Scholars at Voronezh State University conduct major research in atomic spectroscopy and atom interaction with electromagnetic impulses. The research in this sphere started back in 1956, when the Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics was Lev Rapoport. The scientific school of theoretical physics at Voronezh State University is well-known all over the world.

'Of course, we work within the original framework of the school and preserve its traditions, but we also try to develop and improve the school so that to keep up to date. Not only the Science and knowledge is developing. We also actively collaborate with our international partners. Working together, we try to study the spheres that are interesting to our partners, while they, in their turn, apply our technologies for practical purposes', – said Vladislav Chernov, the Associate professor at the Department of Mathematical Physics.

The number of problems studied is very large. We conduct major research in the sphere of Rydberg states of atoms and molecules, where there still remain quite a number of unsolved problems.

'A look at the largest atomic physics databases such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA), will show, that for many atoms there is information on the upper and ground excited state. There is, however, little data on the middle excited state. So we want to collect this data. It can then be used in astrophysics, where there is still very little spectroscopic data', – said Vladislav Chernov.

Theories and calculations suggested by VSU researchers have been proved by experimental data obtained by our colleagues at the Institute of Physical Chemistry named after Jaroslav Heyrovský (Prague). Our partners study the spectra using modern equipment (Fourier spectrometer IFS Bruker 125M) and are highly efficient in conducting experiments. Our researchers and their colleagues publish joint research articles that are very well received by the international academic society.

'We also collaborate with our colleagues in Germany. Joint research is being conducted together with the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron centre (DESY) in Hamburg. The latest project of the Centre is the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) research facility. Our task in this project is to provide metrological support. To control the X-ray beam, new technologies are required, and we are now trying to develop these technologies', – said the researcher. 'The facility is of great value to the society, and can be applied in various spheres, including healthcare'.

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