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13.04.2015 18:10

Business in the Emerging Markets – new master's programme

Today, practically every sphere of our lives is in some way influenced by the global community. And education is one of these spheres. One of the key points for assessing the competitiveness of a higher education institution is a double degree programme: if a university has such a programme, that means it has done a great job and become integrated into the global education network.

Voronezh State University is intensively developing seven such programmes with foreign universities – "Business Administration" (Faculty of International Relations and Hochschule Harz in Germany); "Linguistics. Teaching Italian as a foreign language" (Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy); "Tourism management" (Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and the University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France); "Business in the Emerging Markets" (Faculty of International Relations and Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Austria); "Contrastive philology" (Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and the University of Leon, Spain); "Business communication in economics: German" (Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany); "Optics and Nanophotonics" (Faculty of Physics and the University of Texas at Brownsville, the USA). Eight more programmes are being considered.

"Business in the Emerging Markets" programme run by the Faculty of International Relations and Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria, has been running since 2007. In 2007 a VSU delegation that included Professor Dmitry Endovitsky and Professor Oleg Belenov for the first time visited the partner-university and signed the partnership agreement that now allows for preparing high-grade specialists and intensification of student exchange programmes. Three years of hard work resulted in a joint curriculum that suits both parties and includes disciplines required by the Federal Standard of the Russian Federation.

'Creating the programme we have managed to solve the problem of credits our students get while studying in Austria and the possibility to use them as an alternative to the disciplines they have missed. That means that coming home students do not have to sit tests in the disciplines they have missed. The programme is very important and allows our master's degree students to learn how to deal with international issues and problems facing the foreign markets. All the lessons are in English, so our students also get an opportunity to improve their language skills in Business English', - said Associate Professor Elena Yendovitskaya, Head of the Department of International Economics and International Business.

Graduates of the programme work not only in Russia, but also in large companies in the USA, China, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, and New Zealand.

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