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04.10.2016 17:40

Champions choose VSU

Among Voronezh State University students are the winners of various regional, federal, and international sports competitions. Next year, one more outstanding athlete will join the ranks of VSU students: Anastasia Artamonova, a three-time European champion, will enter the Law Faculty at our university.

Nastya talked about her wish to enter VSU at today’s meeting with Rector Dmitry Endovitsky, First Vice Rector – Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Elena Chupandina, and Executive Secretary of the admission board of Voronezh State University Alexander Makushin.

The University officials congratulated Anastasia and her father and coach Valeriy Artamonov on the girl’s first place at the European boxing championship which took place in the city of Ordy (Turkey) at the end of September.

At the competition, Anastasia won three convincing victories over the athletes from Belorussia, Italy, and Ukraine. The final fight was with a Ukrainian athlete, whom Anastasia knocked down three times. This victory secured Nastya the title of International Class Master of Sports of Russia. It is the third European championship won by the Voronezh athlete.

– I live in Voronezh, and I want to study here and be on the city’s team. I want the whole country to know about Voronezh and its university, where I will be studying. The first things I felt after I won are unforgettable. Then, right after the fight, you feel exhausted, both physically and emotionally. The feeling only sinks in on the next day, when you realize that you have achieved the bar you had set so high for yourself. Why did I choose boxing? It was because my dad is a boxer. First, I did sport dancing, artistic gymnastics, and eurhythmics. But I could not combine them effectively with my studies. I have been into boxing since I was seven. My dad used to show me various blows since I was as young as four, and he got me interested in this sport. My mum is always very worried about me and never watches my fights alone, said Nastya.

When asked about a boxer's emotional state, Anastasia said that, once you are in the ring, there is no place for worry. You hear the gong - and the anxiety just goes away. During the fight, you can’t give way to emotions, and you need to feel the moment when you just need to push a bit harder. Anger prevents you from controlling yourself during the fight.

– The victory was hard-won. Obtaining the title of International Class Master of Sports of Russia was a great achievement for a girl of 17. None of Voronezh's athletes have ever been able to do that. We are now planning to fight for the title of Honoured Master of Sports, and for that to happen, we need to win the world boxing championship in 2018. Nastya changes completely when she is in the ring; we see a pretty slim girl entering the ring - and then she turns into a real panther, said Valeriy Artamonov.

Nastya is going to enter the Law Faculty because she would like to follow in her family’s footsteps: both her elder brother and sister have graduated from the Law Faculty of VSU. She also says that she is going to need the skills of a lawyer both in sports and in her future political activities.

We wish Nastya every success in her studies and a lot of new victories!

VSU Press Service  


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