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04.10.2016 19:45

Economics majors visit the EFKO Group’s production sites in Alekseevka

On 27 September, the students of the Faculty of Economics of Voronezh State University visited the production site in Alekseevka belonging to the EFKO Group – the largest holding company in the market of fat-and-oil products in Russia, and one of the major food manufacturers.

The tour of the facilities was rather extensive. First, the students visited a plant producing specialized fats and margarines – OOO EFKO Food Ingredients. The manufacturing technician, Nadezhda Ignatova, talked in detail about advanced oil refining technologies, gave a tour of the oil tank depot, the control room, the factory shop floor and the wrapping room. So, the students had an opportunity to witness the entire production cycle from obtaining the raw materials to delivering the end product to the customers. The students were especially interested in the fractionation process - an environmentally friendly method of processing oil into solid fats used in the confectionery industry. Nadezhda Ignatova said that a few years ago, just after the fractionation machine started to operate, it was demonstrated to the Belgorod Region Governor by then equipment operator Konstantin Samchenko. Today, thanks to his hard work and self-development, Konstantin Samchenko has climbed up the career ladder to become Chief Technology Officer of the EFKO Group’s production site in Alekseevka.

– 95% of the administrative staff at EFKO had been internally promoted. Our experience has shown that we can choose a responsible, strong-minded young graduate who might lack experience but is prepared to learn everything they need to know. For that, we have a number of education centres here in our company, said Nadezhda Ignatova, causing a flood of questions about the possible employment and internship opportunities at the enterprises of the Group.

As part of the tour, the students visited the yoghurt-producing plant built in 2015. OAO EFKO manufacturing technician Alexander Moskalenko told the students about all the stages of yoghurt production, demonstrated the laboratory for ripening, as well as the microbiological, physical and chemical, and sensory laboratories, and the fully automated factory shop floors and wrapping and filling lines. It was with great interest that the students watched the process of forming yoghurt bottles and the automated filling line. The final stage of the tour was the sampling of Sloboda yoghurts.

– We were surprised by the scale and the capacity of the plants. Very few of the Russian food manufacturers can afford such a level of automation. Talking to the technicians, you understand how important the quality of the ingredients is, and you see how careful they are about what they do and how much love they put into their work, said a second-year student of the Faculty of Economics Ksenia Sukhocheva.

Choosing one’s future career is an incredibly important decision that has an impact on a person’s whole life. It is because of this that EFKO pays a lot of attention to its personnel policy, and a lot of the company’s employees are VSU graduates.

For example, Maria Bulavina, having graduated from VSU, started working in the company in 2013 as a marketing manager. In a few months, after successfully completing a study course at the Biryuch School of Management, she became Manager of the Product Development Department, and then was promoted to Deputy Director for Business Administration. And this is just one of many similar success stories at EFKO.

Adapted from the materials provided by the EFKO Group press office 


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