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06.10.2016 18:55

Top brains meet at the 4th Open Cup of the Black Earth Region in Intellectual Games

On 1 and 2 October, the 4th Open Cup of the Black Earth Region in Intellectual Games took place at Voronezh State University. The event was organised by the Joint Students' Board of VSU and the Intelligent Technologies Centre “TSIT.RUS”.

Intellectual battles were held at the Faculty of Law of Voronezh State University. Among the guests of the tournament were Inna Semenova and Mikhail Malkin (players of the TV club “What? Where? When?"), Sergei Shorin (one of the leading editors, a proponent and developer of intellectual games in Russia), and Faik Guseinov (the head of the Baku Intellectual Games Club, the creator of the game “Khamsa”, and an organiser of the Eurasian Cup, Znatokiada, and the Caspian Cup).

The Cup included a title tournament (3 rounds of 15 questions) of the sport version of "What? When? Where?", a Shorin Trophy tournament (7 rounds of 7 questions) of the sport version of "What? When? Where?", and a Khamsa tournament. The winner of the 4th Open Cup of the Black Earth Region in Intellectual Games was the team “Zhenya, Zhenechka, i vot eti”. VSU’s teams also showed good results: the team “Samaya myakotka” took third place in the tournament of Sergey Shorin, “Khladna Zvezda” competed in the title tournament and won the silver medal, and the team comprised of university staff and graduates “PPP” took third place in the title tournament.

‘It has been my fifth visit to Voronezh. Although this was my first time on a winning team. I can’t say that we prepared for the tournament in any special way. What’s more, some of the team members arrived just before the beginning of the game, so we were jelling as a team during the game. It wasn’t an easy game. There was no winner at the end of 45 questions. So we had to answer four more questions. As a result, we won 3:2,’ said Sergei Shorin, the leader of the winning team.

The team of Roman Tsurkan answered 31 questions in the Shorin Trophy tournament and won by a head.

 'I have taken part in all other tournaments that were held in Voronezh and this is my first victory in an all-time tournament. I have won some synchronised tournaments, though. We didn’t prepare for the tournament – each week we have synchronised games and that is when we train”. There are two kinds of games: head-to-head tournaments, during which teams come to Voronezh and answer the same questions; and synchronised games during which the same questions are answered simultaneously by different teams in different cities. It means you can compete with teams from various cities and even various countries,’ said Roman Tsurkan, the captain of the winning team.

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