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03.11.2016 14:06

Voronezh aquarium celebrates its first anniversary. Facts and impressions

Voronezh aquarium celebrates its first anniversary.

Here are the most important facts about Voronezh aquarium:

  • The only aquarium in the Voronezh Black Earth Region and the third aquarium that was opened in Russia
  • The 1st in Russia, the 8th in Europe, and the 22nd in the world
  • according to the independent ranking by TripAdvisor
  • An official member of the regional tourist route in the Voronezh region.
  • Total area: 4,400 sq. m.
  • Exhibition area: 1,500 sq. m.
  • Total volume of water: 1,500,000 litres
  • Animal species: over 300
  • Visitors: over 2,000,000 people
  • Over 30 educative programmes with various themes are offered by the Oceania club

People have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the ocean’s depths. Their longing to learn more about the deep sea gave way to public sea life aquariums which first appeared more than 150 years ago. At first they were quite simple both in terms of technology and visual appeal.

Contemporary aquariums are unique facilities that allow representing real wildlife in the midst of cities. Voronezh citizens do not have to travel thousand kilometres and delve into the ocean depths to feel the excitement of meeting a huge shark. Instead they can go to Voronezh aquarium where they have a chance to become familiar with the various regions of our planet.

Here is the ranking of the most popular, exciting, and educative things you can see, learn, and visit in the Voronezh aquarium:

1st place – a well earned gold


It was launched almost immediately after the aquarium was opened and has been highly popular ever since. The show is held in a large marine tank inhabited by a friendly family of 20 species of fish. The tank’s depth is 4 meters and it has 380,000 litres of water. In the beginning of the performance, the diver who feeds the monstrous predators walks around the area to make sure it is safe.

Then the main part of the programme begins. Every evening the sharks have a hearty meal. Monday is a hunger day, though. For 5 years, visitors to the aquarium have had the chance to see divers hug sharks as if they were their friends and even dance with them.

What’s more, a merman has been seen swimming in the underwater world lately. And New Year will bring another surprising present for the audience.

2nd place – jolly silver


Their home is the ocean. They swim gracefully, dive, and even sleep in the water. It is amazing but the animals show the specialists, who work with them, different tricks and games which then become elements of unforgettable performances. Each seal has its own character and its own role in the show. For example, the female seal Zlata is jealous and capricous and Mira is calm and cooperative. Certainly, we shouldn’t forget about the main character – the arrogant macho Black! He never misses a chance to pose in front of the audience.

3rd place – adrenaline bronze


This is a unique and unforgettable opportunity to meet one of the most ancient and fiercest inhabitants on the planet Earth. The Voronezh aquarium has 2 spectacled caimans. The largest, a two-metre male, is the calmest and the laziest. Whereas the baby named Poplavok is very active and is always hungry. His favourite food is fish. Every feeding of this prehistoric predators is a spectacular performance which attracts a large audience. The visitors admire the well coordinated work of this professional team.

4th place


The habitat for these birds that can't fly can be found in South America. However they came to Voronezh aquarium from Moscow zoo. It is cold in their enclosure and the rocky waterside is washed by salty water. These birds get the freshest fish – each Baltic herring they are fed should be of the same size and absolutely undamaged. Otherwise, these choosy birds will refuse to eat. The assistants try to tame the penguins, that is why they feed them by hand.

5th place


This performance is for thrill-seekers. Red piranha are known for their bloodthirstiness. When being fed they can even attack each other, rip out a shred off a fin or a tail or can even bite off a piece of each other’s body. However they have wonderful regeneration abilities. If vital organs are left unscathed they can recover quite quickly. Even scales will grow back over wounds.

6th place


These creatures are the favourites of the audience. At all times you can see lots of adults and children watching them. The Voronezh aquarium has a family of 6 species of both gender and it continues to grow. The head of their noisy mob is the female called Solntse. The meerkats in the aquarium are as hard-working as their relatives living in the wild. Their favourite pastime is building new underground networks and entrances.
They also look very funny when standing to attention and the visitors can not but stop and admire these little creatures.

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