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01.11.2016 18:28

Scientists discussed ageing mechanisms and post-genomic technologies in the treatment of cancer

On 1 November, 2nd International scientific conference “Post-genomic technologies in medicine: theory and practice” was held at Voronezh Sate University. The participants came from all over the world and included leading researchers, medical practitioners, and students, who presented their projects and results of their research on molecular genetics.

At the opening ceremony First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Voronezh Region Vladimir Popov welcomed the participants and read the address of the Governor, Aleksey Gordeev, who pointed out that the “conference will become a key factor of further integration between science, education, and healthcare facilities in order to solve the problems of one of the key areas of medicine”.

VSU’s Rector, Professor Dmitry Endovitsky said:

“This conference fits in logically into our activities. Today, after many years, our university has once more become involved in a very important area of research, medicine. This year, we’ve got students studying new academic programmes and specialising in medical biochemistry, biophysics, and cybernetics. This was not possible until our government realised the importance of research in the area of advanced medical technologies such as molecular genetics for our region”.

Leonid Meremianin, Deputy Head of Voronezh Health Department, and professor Andrey Budnevsky, Vice Rector at Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University, also said that the conference was of great practical value, as it covered various spheres such as biomedicine, oncology, and genetics. Sergei Ognivtsev, chief analyst at OKU Innovations and Development Agency, also said that the conference would help introduce advanced post-genomic technologies in the Voronezh Region and will provide new incentives to the region’s biomedical cluster.

Among the keynote speakers of the conference were Professor Jan Vijg from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Brian Kennedy from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Professor Paul Hasty from the University of Texas Health Science Centre, Professor Yousin Suh from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and other prominent researchers in the human genome. The conference discussed the theory and practice of the application of post-genomic technologies in oncology, as well as molecular genetic diagnostic testing of socially significant diseases, and the theory and practice of immunohistochemistry in biomedicine. Of great interest were the legal and ethical aspects of using post-genomic technologies in medicine, the possibility of prolongation of life, molecular mechanisms of ageing, and post-genomic ideas in gerontology.

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