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14.11.2016 19:39

“Autumn report” by Vladimir Tulupov

On 14 November, an exhibition of paintings by the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Prof. Vladimir Tulupov called "Autumn Report" opened in the entrance hall of the VSU’s main building. The exhibition contained over 20 watercolour and tempera paintings depicting autumn scenery and reminiscent of the warm days of summer and early autumn.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Oleg Grishayev, vice-rector for Student Affairs and Social Development, who pointed out that Vladimir Tulupov is a person of rare talents: a prominent scientists, a gifted teacher, and a talented journalist, poet, and artist at the same time. Vladimir Tulupov himself told us that he dedicates all his free time to art. His paintings are inspired by various new places and sights in Voronezh that he discovers for himself and his audience, as well as by a place he knows very well - the Dubrava district, where the Faculty of Journalism is located. There is no better present than a painting. Vladimir Tulupov gives his paintings to people on their birthdays and other special occasions. Sometimes he paints something special, dedicated to a certain event, and sometimes he just lets people choose what they like.

The opening ceremony was visited by a large number of guests, including the university’s administration, first-year students, and a popular Voronezh writer, Gennady Litvintsev. All of them pointed out that judging by the pictures, their atmosphere and light, you could say they were made by a light-hearted and cheerful young man, rather than by a professor, a dean, and a famous journalist.

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