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22.11.2016 15:04

Participants of the “Goroda” forum discussed urban development projects

Between 16 and 19 November, the first national youth forum “Goroda”, organised by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Rospatriotcentre, and the Joint Students' Board of VSU, was held in Voronezh.

The event attracted over 150 young architects, urbanists, designers, brand-managers, IT-specialists, and event organisers from 45 regions. The programme of the forum included panel discussions, lectures, case studies, and workshops covering various areas – architecture, landscape design, urban planning, IT, PR, etc.). At the opening ceremony the participants were welcomed by Anna Evpak, Deputy Director of Rospatriotcentre, who said that a true patriot is willing to do something for their own street, their village or city, to make them better, and this is exactly what the young architects, urbanists, and designers are now doing.

The forum also included a competition of urban development projects.

“I’m greatly impressed by Voronezh. We were given a warm welcome, and we’ve already had a guided tour round the city. My project is called QR-code. It is a smartphone application that can be used to scan pixel images of famous writers and search for information using a code. This way people can find friends with similar tastes in literature. Imagine you see a girl in the street wearing a T-shirt with Leo Tolstoy’s portrait printed on it. You can use this application to scan the image and see what her favourite books are! So, the aim of the application is to help people communicate, as well as to promote reading,” – told us Stanislav Kolmakov, who came to the forum from Kurgan.

Among the guests of the forum there were also Ilia Zalivukhin, an architect and founder of “Yauzaproekt” development company, Marco Mikhich-Eftich, co-founder and senior architect of “Sdelano” project, Elena Ivanchuk, President of “Tvori!” fund for supporting young designers and architects, Maria Shakhova, producer of “Fasenda” TV-show, Andrey Lisitsky, director of the Dostoevsky library, Yulia Molodova, Deputy Director of the Moscow producer centre, Ludmila Malkis, art director and founder of “ARCHiPEOPLE” society, Yuri Loginov, Head of “AABA ARCHITECTS” company, Anton Ladygin, founder of “Narodny architektor” architecture company, Alexey Komov, a board member of the Union of Moscow Architects, Ilia Kusnirovich, producer of the Bosco Fresh Fest, and Andrey Petrov, Director of the Moscow producer centre.

The aim of the forum was to support youth innovation projects, create a professional community, and encourage patriotism within young people by involving them in various projects for the improvement and development of their own city.

VSU Press Service  


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