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06.04.2016 13:10

Spring Media School

On 2nd April, the Faculty of Journalism of Voronezh State University launched the educational project Spring Media School.

The first Media School was held in 2015, when it lasted two months and attracted over 500 participants.

This year, the organisers decided to diversify and intensify the Media School course – public lectures will be presented by experienced journalists, Media editors, PR and marketing specialists. The best Media School graduates will get a chance to practice their acquired practical skills in the editorial office of the student magazine “Voronezh UniverCity” and in the project “Newspaper in 24 hours” that will take place on 7th May.

The first speaker of the Media School was Match TV football sportscaster Denis Kazansky. In his conversation with the audience he recounted the beginning of his TV career, and the time when he lived in London and worked as a football sportscaster there. Denis also mentioned the most important skills any journalist needs to have:

‘You have to read a lot to improve your speech and vocabulary. A good journalist has to be a professional, he always has to keep up with current affairs and be in search of new information. When you work on TV two things are important – the way you look and the way you speak.’

Denis Kazansky also told the audience that sportscasters often write jokes they make on the air beforehand and check them on their relatives:

‘Not every person is good at joking spontaneously. I can say, that about 90% of jokes you hear on the air were prepared by the sportscaster in advance.’

In his speech Denis remembered some funny moments that happened to him when he made jokes spontaneously, and also examples of interesting approaches to sports events presentation in foreign media.

The second speaker was SMM-specialist of “National Geographic” Alexey Elfimov, who is also a student of the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University.

He told the audience about the latest trends in the fast developing Social media industry and how media communicate with their readers in social networks. According to Alexey, messengers have become another popular news provider alongside large information agencies. Alexei also talked about his work for National Geographic and communication with users of social networks. For example, most photographs for VKontakte and Instagram groups are provided by readers. He also explained to the audience how to make posts in social networks (using VKontakte as an example) – when you need to add a hashtag and when they do not work.

This year between 2nd and 14th April, Media School will present 10 lectures and workshops. Media School will operate every Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00 at the Faculty of Journalism of Voronezh State University (room 130, 40a Kholzunov street). The speakers for the next session are the Director of the Media Rights Centre Galina Arapova who is going to talk about legal and illegal techniques used by media today and RIA-Voronezh ex editor in chief Oleg Grigorenko. He is going to share secrets of creating an information portal.

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