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08.04.2016 17:50

Ten research projects receive the Russian Foundation for Basic Research support

The list of projects of the regional fundamental research competition which got support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in 2016 has been published recently.

It should be noted that 10 projects out of the 16 projects which were approved for financing in 2016 are projects of Voronezh State University:

  • “Development and research of synthesis and analysis techniques for components and assembly units of transmitter-receiver systems using ultra-wideband impulse signals” (Head Researcher – A.M. Bobreshov)
  • “Synthesis, modification, atomic and electron structure, and evolution of SnO2 filamentary nanocrystal properties” (Head Researcher – S.Yu. Touristchev)
  • ”Generation and study of new ferroelectric nanomaterials with size dependable  physical and chemical properties” (Head Researcher – A.S. Sidorkin)
  • ”Physical and chemical foundations of silicon-carbide nanostructures low-temperature synthesis for extreme electronics electronic components base” (Head-researcher – L.A. Bitutskaya)
  • ”GaAs, GaP, and InP surface modification as a method of controlling nanastructure and  nanoscale thickness oxide films optical and electrophysical properties for microelectronics” (Head Researcher – I.Ya. Mittova)
  • “The Voronezh Region urbanised territories biotechnosphere monitoring as a factor of the region’s sustainable development” (Head Researcher – S.A. Yeprintsev)
  • ”Geoinformation technologies for the Voronezh Region natural hazards monitoring and forecasting” (Head Researcher – S.A. Kurolap)
  • ”Scientific foundation for informal employment research and forecasting on the Voronezh region” (Head Researcher – A.A. Fedchenko)
  • ”The Voronezh region social and economic development forecasting methods and models” (Head Researcher – V.V. Davnis)
  • ”The Voronezh region social and economic development information analysis system” (Head Researcher – N.V. Yakovenko).

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