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11.04.2016 17:57

Exhibition of mathematical images in graphics

On 11th April, Voronezh State University History Museum opened an exhibition of graphic works by Anatoly Fomenko “Mathematics in graphics”. The author chose for the Voronezh State University exhibition 30 works accomplished during different periods, mostly from 1967 to 1983. Anatoly Fomenko made high quality computer copies of his works and presented them to VSU as a gift.

Anatoly Fomenko is a Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science, a specialist in multi-dimensional calculus of variations, differential geometry and topology, theory of groups and Lie algebra, symplectic and computational geometry, and Hamiltonian dynamical systems theory. He is also known as a graphic artist and one of the artists of the cartoon “Pass”.

‘As I did not have any special artistic education I was not limited by any particular genre. I think I might have been influenced to some extent by my favourite artists Bosch, Bruegel, Dali, Escher, Böcklin, Dürer - though, I do not think I ever tried to imitate them. All paintings are made by hand without using computer graphics. Every professional mathematician gradually develops their own understanding of the internal geometry of the mathematical world they know. And they also have some images that they associate with different abstract mathematical ideas of algebra, theory of numbers, and mathematical analysis. It appears that different mathematicians have similar (or even identical) geometrical images for the same abstract ideas. What’s more these images are “real”, they turn up when mathematicians communicate with each other and they help them understand each other,’ says Anatoly Fomenko.

The Rector of Voronezh State University Professor Dmitry Endovitsky, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics Alexandr Bayev, the Head of the Scientific Research Management Board Nikolai Bliznyakov, the Head of the Department of Mathematical Modelling of the Faculty of Mathematics Vladimir Kostin, and the Head of the Department of Mathematical Modelling of the Faculty of Mathematics Sergei Gaponov addressed the audience of the exhibition with a speech of welcome.

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied with performances by postgraduate students and teachers of Voronezh State Art Institute who played pieces by Mikhail Stchurik, Dmitry Shostakovich, and Samuel Barber.

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