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18.04.2016 19:16

Our University is awarded with a gold medal at the Moscow International Education Salon – 2016

Voronezh State University took part in the four day Moscow International Education Salon – 2016 that started on 13 April in Moscow, in the 75th exhibition showroom of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. According to official information, the salon was visited by about 52,500 people, including 14,000 schoolchildren, 6,000 teachers, 4,000 schoolmasters and heads of educational institutions, and 8,000 representatives of commerce in education. Over 400 events with the participation of 100 experts were organised for specialists from all stages of education.

'This educational project is very important for us and for the Russian Federation as a whole. It has been held for the third time and the number of its participants and visitors is in line with our expectations. Russian citizens pay a lot of attention to all stages of education: the Salon represents pre-school, secondary, and supplementary education, the so called "The Fifth Term" programmes - programmes of summer rest for children, and many other projects. 'The significance of the Salon cannot be emphasized too strongly,' said Olga Golodets at the opening ceremony.

The organisers of the Salon highly praised the work of our team and awarded it with a certificate and a gold medal "For the most iterative exposition stand". During the event the participants had a chance to watch a spectacular show of scientific experiments. Almost 100 litres of nitrogen were used to perform these experiments. What is more, the guests could stroke a robocat – a special device designed by Liza Mozgareva, a student of the VSU partner "Experimental technical school", could print out a souvenir using a 3D printer that had been brought from the VSU-based Robotics Centre, and watch a "living picture" and other robotic systems created by students of the Centre.

Organisers of the VSU exposition stand invited the visitors to read brochures in Russian and in English about Voronezh State University and its faculties. They also presented the guests with souvenirs – badges, calendars, and books. It should be noted that among the visitors to the stand there were a lot of graduates of our university who are now working in Moscow. They were very glad to talk to representatives of the VSU delegation and remember the times when they were students.

Guests and organisers of the exhibition shared their positive impressions of the stand of Voronezh State University.

'I liked the VSU stand a lot: we received comprehensive answers to all questions. The stand has been designed with a lot of competence. It is eye-catching and easy to understand. It was also very interesting to watch the scientific experiments. I do not rule out the possibility of entering VSU – I like the programmes, the level of competition, and the prices,' said Vladimir Vorobiov, a pupil of Volodarsky school (Moscow region).

'The exhibition was a success, the universities displayed quite an active attitude. What is more, the expositions of some provincial universities looked more interactive and convincing than those of Moscow universities. There were always a lot of visitors around the stands of the provincial universities. In future we would like to have more regions represented. We are also planning to mix together the stands of Moscow and provincial universities (this year they were separated) to increase competition. As for me, I liked the interactivity of the VSU stand a lot. You never stood still and did not give your guests a chance to become bored,' said Dmitry Ivanchenko, the Head of the 'The Land of Universities' cluster of the Moscow International Education Salon – 2016.

'We are planning to move further: next year we are planning to engage more representatives of the business community and educational institutions of secondary vocational and pre-school education. And, of course, we would like to represent more regions: of today, only 34 regions are represented at the Salon. And all in all there are 77 regions," said Maxim Kazarnovsky, the Head of the Executive Board of the Moscow International Education Salon – 2016.

The Rector of Voronezh State University Dmitry Endovitsky summarized the results of the university’s participation in the Moscow International Education Salon:

'We enjoyed participating in this event a lot, which is very important for the national system of education. On the one hand, we had a chance to demonstrate our leadership skills and represent Voronezh education, on the other we took part in a number of very important meetings with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and specialized departments. We also had a chance to speak at some 'round table' discussions, including one dedicated to a very serious issue - preventing the involvement of students and young people in extremist organisations. We met with the colleagues and rectors of other universities, discussed issues of cooperation between our universities, including the Tournament of Three Sciences, the regional stages of which are being held in federal districts of the Russian Federation. A lot of the universities from all over Russia have become interested in the tournament. We worked a lot with teachers from Moscow and the Moscow region and discovered that they are quite interested in our system of higher education and our university in particular. We also spent a lot of time communicating with schoolchildren of different ages – from school leavers to schoolchildren of the 5th–7th forms. There were always a lot of people around our stand. As a result, the organisers of the Moscow International Education Salon – 2016 awarded us with a certificate and a gold medal. I am sure that during the active stage of the 2016 admission campaign our participation in the Education Salon will bring more talented young people from the Moscow region, no matter how surprising it might seem. Usually it is Moscow that draws talented students using instruments of mobility such as the State Exam. However our university is ready to set and achieve ambitious goals. We have got a lot of experience from participating in the international salon that we can use in regional educational events.

VSU Press Service  


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