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19.04.2016 13:47

Popular science lectures about the theory of relativity

On 13 April, the Faculty of Mathematics of Voronezh State University presented a cycle of popular science lectures to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

The event was opened by a professor of the Department of Algebra and Topological Analysis Methods of the Faculty of Mathematics, Yury Gliklikh. He presented to the audience a lecture on "100 year of the general theory of relativity". He told the audience about the history of the theory, the research conducted by Einstein, Poincaré, and Lorentz, and that there is still a dispute over the authorship of the idea to create the general theory of relativity.

The lecture was followed by a teleconference with Alexandre Vinogradov, the Director of the Institute of Levi-Civita and professor of the University of Salierno, who told the university students and staff about the meaning of the theory of relativity for the modern science. The event was concluded with a NASA popular science film about the development of the 'gravitation' concept.

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