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22.04.2016 14:37

IT experts gather at the IT NonStop conference

On 16 April, the conference “IT NonStop Voronezh” took place in a VSU assembly hall. The conference was traditionally organised by Voronezh State University and the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics in particular, and the IT company, DataArt.

The conference was held in Voronezh for the second time and it has become one of the most important events for the IT specialists of Voronezh. About 300 people took part in the event and 1,500 people watched it online via a YouTube channel. Among the guests of the conference were experienced developers, top management of IT companies and IT departments, young programmers, and students. The Creative Science team, comprised of young researchers from Voronezh State University, presented a spectacular show of scientific experiments.

This year the theme of the conference was "The Meaning of the Code". When working on specific targets of a project every person asks and answers the question "Why?" that helps them define the meaning and goal of their work. This short question allows them to concentrate on a specific goal and makes it possible to evaluate how successful their work is.

Among the speakers of the conference were experts in various areas: Denis Nekludov – the only Google Developer Expert in Russia, Alexandre Belotserkovsky – a Microsoft's technology evangelist, Alexey Rybakov – a DataArt mobile evangelist (Kharkov), Vyacheslav Mikhailov – a DataArt software architect (Saint Petersburg), and others. They told the audience about their own projects, interesting cases and stories.

Alexandre Belotserkovsky – a Microsoft's technology evangelist – spoke about the Internet of Things and explained why it is a very promising area:

'It isn't a secret that for many years we have been living in a world of sensors and gadgets. We've discovered that sensors can influence each other. We have also learnt to operate some household appliances using mobile devices. For example, there are irons with a remote control that can be used to learn at a distance whether the iron is switched on or off. The idea of the Internet of Things is growing more and more popular. It allows you to use electricity and heating more efficiently: heating and lighting systems can be adjusted depending on the number of people in a room. Our company has the technological resources required for such solutions'.

Elena Fedorova – the Public Relations Director of DataArt, invited the citizens of Voronezh to take part in the conference that was held at the same time in other cities:

'Today, we have guests from Kursk and Tambov and it means that our conference is not only of interest to Voronezh specialists but also people from the neighbouring regions. This year the level of professionalism at the conference has increased a lot. We are holding IT NonStop in over 10 cities of Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. Each conference has its own theme. I want to emphasize that the participants are not restricted to a single location, they can take part in conferences held in other cities thanks to online broadcasting.

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