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05.08.2016 18:25

31 hammock and two pine trees – enough to get into the Russian Book of Records

Voronezh sportsmen got into the Russian Book of Records by tying 31 hammocks between two pine trees and making selfies. The record was set on July 16, and on August 3, it was registered in the Russian Book of Records – a national variant of the famous Guinness Book. As follows from the title, the specifics of the Russian Book of Records is that it includes only the records set in Russia.

Before that, there were 20 other records set by Voronezh people in this book. The 21st Voronezh record was set by the Wout extreme sport team with the team leader Bogdan Korzhanevsky. The team specialises in extreme sports and things like jumping into ice holes, racing on car tyres at 130 kph, rope jumping from the city's highest buildings, etc. Bogdan Korzhanevsky’s new video project is called “How?”. This is exactly the question people should ask after watching the videos on YouTube.

Photos of the new record are available at vk.com/woutvrn.

“I’ve got loads of ideas of awesome pictures, – says Bogdan in the project’s first video. – Plus, there are a lot of cool photos on the Internet. When you see them, you want to either repeat it or do something even cooler. This project is all about taking cool pictures.”

His first idea came to Bogdan when he saw a picture of 29 hammocks tied over each other between two trees. This looked like an idea of a great picture. So, he decided to do the same, or something even better. Bogdan and his team spent a day and a half in a heat of 35°C, preparing for the project. The used over 1 km of rope and 150 snap links, to make a 15-meter high construction that consisted of 31 hammocks, which was 2 hammocks more than the original construction had.

“Two people climbed the trees and hung the hammocks every 70 cm, – says Bogdan. – And it was a hard thing to do, as pine trees have no branches. In addition, there were swarms of mosquitoes flying around.

The trees were fixed by ropes, so that they could endure the load. Then the volunteers climbed into the hammocks: the slimmest and fittest ones at the top and the heaviest at the bottom of the construction. Each of them took a selfie, and the video and photos of the whole construction were taken by a quadrocopter.” Bogdan also told us that his new video would be ready by the end of the summer.

Some other Voronezh records.

  • The largest number (67) of push-ups per minute (Maxim Chursanov form Gremyachie village).
  • The greatest number of times a man can run around his axis with his hands on the floor (22 times), set by Savely Novozhilov.
  • The largest collection of action figures related to medicine (1011 figures owned by Zhurikhins family in Voronezh).
  • The youngest head of a medical centre department (Roman Avdeev was 28, when he was appointed as head of the ophthalmology department of the City hospital No. 17).
  • The largest hieroglyph in Russia (6.11 meters) on a building wall in Lisky.

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