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15.09.2016 11:59

Sergey Bezrukov Will Be the Little Prince at the “Marshak” Festival

The second children’s drama festival “Marshak” will be held during autumn school holidays. On 30 October – 6 November, different public spaces around the city children will be able to watch 26 plays by theatres from Russia, Estonia, and Germany.

This year the programme coordinator of the “Marshak” festival is Alexey Molobrodsky, the producer and ex-director of the fashionable Moscow theatre “Gogol-centre”. The management office of Platonov Festival worked on the programme for the first children’s theatre festival.

‘I’ve been following the cultural processes of Voronezh with interest for a long time,’ said Alexey Molobrodsky. ‘In the last five years, Voronezh has become a unique phenomenon on the cultural map of our country. Here there is a well-mannered audience, which is hard to impress and which deserves a very serious attitude. That’s why it was difficult to set up the programme. We tried to gather high-status directors of theatres for children and to invite respected groups.’

Some of the participants are already familiar to the Voronezh audience. For example, the Festival will be visited again by the Moscow theatre “Praktika”, the Moscow Children’s Music Theatre named after Natalya Sats, the “Karlsson Haus” association (Saint Petersburg). Apart from plays there are also ballets and operas in the programme.

The festival includes three parts: a theatre for children (performances by professional groups), a theatre where children are the performers (performances by children’s theatre groups), and workshops for children, their parents, and actors of Voronezh theatres, which are organised by famous directors, actors, and teachers. During the previous Festival a workshop was held by Konstantin Khabensky. The main celebrity this year is Sergey Bezrukov, who will perform in a one-man performance “The Little Prince” by the Moscow Provincial theatre.

According to preliminary calculations, the budget for the Festival will amount to 20 million roubles. 9 million roubles from this are subsidies from the regional budget. The Organizing Committee plans to earn the remaining cash balance through ticket sales and sponsored support. Compared to the prior year, the prices for the tickets rose slightly. The average cost of a ticket for performances of “Marshak” rose from 530 to 580 roubles. Lyubov Pristinskaya, a director of the Festival, noted that the prices vary from 100 to 1300 roubles, and most of the tickets are sold for up to 600 roubles. The tickets went on sale on 9 September.

Further details can be found on the programme of the Festival.

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