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06.12.2017 17:12

Our researchers took part in a forum of the BRICS countries

Between 30 November and 1 December, the 4th BRICS Legal Forum was held in Moscow. Our university was represented at the forum by Vadim Gorsky, associate professor at the Department of Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law and Head of the Voronezh regional division of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, and Maxim Gorsky, associate professor at the Department of Criminalistics.

The forum was first held in 2014. It serves as an open, permanent platform for legal cooperation and professional exchange of experiment and ideas between lawyers of the BRICS countries, promotion of “legal diplomacy”, rapprochement of legal communities of the Member States, legal theory and practice exchange, use of law as an instrument for economic cooperation and social development of certain countries, strengthening the rule of law and improving of international law, working together to improve the status of lawyers, development of legal profession, establishing comprehensive cooperation with international legal institutions. The 4th BRICS Legal Forum was hosted by the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

The list of participants included the Association of Lawyers of Russia, the Brazilian Bar Association, the Bar Association of India, China Law Society, East China University of Political Science and Law, the Law Society of South Africa, and the University of Cape Town.

Among the participants were also such prominent lawyers as Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Sergey Stepashin; Chairman of State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation, Co-Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Pavel Krasheninnikov; Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Co-Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Veniamin Yakovlev; Rector of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Co-Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Victor Blazheev, etc.

The forum started with the meetings of the heads of the delegations. During the panel sessions, the participants discussed the conditions for enhancing the investment attractiveness of the BRICS region, the dispute settlement mechanisms in BRICS member states, the problems of stability of constitutional order in modern geopolitical conditions, combating international terrorism, countering corruption, international law mechanisms in the sphere of security, etc.

At the end of the forum the Association of Lawyers of Russia and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation signed a partnership agreement that sets the terms of experience exchange and the conditions of collaboration between the two organisations.

During the plenary session “Interactions between the legal systems of BRICS member states: towards an equitable global order” the participants discussed such fundamental elements of national and international security as prevention of regional conflicts, combating international terrorism, and drug trafficking.

There were also a series of bilateral meetings, as well as presentations of new books about legal issues. The programme of the second day of the forum included the folllowing panel sessions: “Legal support of humanitarian and cultural dialogue”, “Development of the sports law in BRICS member states”, “development of the environmental law in BRICS member states”, “Contractual and institutional mechanisms of business partnership between BRICS member states”, “Elaboration of uniform standards and legal solutions in the field of economic cooperation”, “Evolution of BRICS bank and its regulatory role in the economic integration process”, “International public order in the process of renewal: specific features of and prospects for cooperation between legal systems of BRICS member states for determining approaches to the regulation under digital economy conditions”, and “Protection of intellectual property”.

The forum ended with signing the declaration. The next BRICS Legal Forum will take place in South Africa, On 1 December, the award ceremony of the “Lawyer of the Year 2017” was held.

VSU Press Service  


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