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12.04.2017 14:36

The best physics students in Russia and one of the best in the world study in our university

Between 8 and 13 April, the 9th International Physicists' Tournament 2017 took place in a Swedish city of Göteborg. At this prestigious competition, Russia was again represented by the Rubikon team which is comprised of students from Voronezh State University. According to the results of four qualifying scientific battles, the team from our university was among the five best teams.

VSU physicists shared their impressions of the tournament.

Nikolai Lysenko:

"First of all, it was really surprising that we were invited to the tournament. Our goal was similar to the one we had last year - to get into the finals. However, this year, firstly, there were 18 teams instead of 15, and, secondly, their level was much higher than the previous year. But most importantly, we learnt about our participation only a month or a month and a half before the tournament, so we didn't have a lot of time to prepare for it. We made a lot of progress this year, but some teams (three teams from Paris, a team from Göteborg and a team from Kharkov) made even more progress. Are we going to take part in the next competition? Absolutely!'

Alexandra Maslakova:

"The tournament was more difficult and more interesting than the tournaments of previous years. It was the first time that the competition between teams was so strong (five teams instead of two). Nevertheless, we can see that we have made some progress: our presentations have become much better and closer to what they consider perfection at the tournament. We can look at our score to understand what aspects we need to work on. All in all, I am happy with fifth place because it was the most difficult and the most interesting tournament compared to the other 9 tournaments that I have taken part in."

Yakov Breev:

"This year, it was very difficult and therefore very interesting to play. There were a lot of teams who competed for the right to get into the finals till the very last battle. Each point could make the difference. Our main goal was to play at the same level with the best teams of the world and we achieved it. Our future goal is to develop and to promote such tournaments in Voronezh. We need a new generation of players.

Background information:

The first tournament was held between Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Kiev University in 2008. That competition was held in Russian. In 2012, the tournament was first held in English and had a team from Switzerland among its participants. Since then, the tournament has been organised abroad. First, it took place in Switzerland and among its participants were 10 teams from various countries. At that point the tournament moved to a whole new level.

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