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13.04.2017 12:00

International students' Model UN and student's citizenship

On 8 April, the 6th International Student's Model United Nations was held by the Faculty of International Relations of Voronezh State University. The event was supported by GS Leader and an Erasmus plus programme (Jean Monnet Actions) within the Educational Module “Migration in the European Union: Concerns and Prospects”. This year, the model received international status as among its participants were not only students from Russia, but also from America and Germany.

The model United Nations is a business game in which students play the roles of delegates from different countries. Their goal is to solve the real international problems that are on the agenda. Moreover, they have to do it taking into account the interest of the country which they represent. This year, the Security Council commission had to deal with the issue of the escalation of the armed conflict in the Eastern Ukraine, the first General Assembly – with the issue of the planet's overpopulation, the second student's General Assembly, which is primarily comprised of international students, considered the issue of international migration, its problems and prospects, and ECOSOC – the issue of productivity in the world economy.

"This model gives us a chance to feel that you are solving urgent problems that exist in the world," said the chairperson of the second English-speaking General Assembly, Evgenia Vorobiova. "And most importantly, I try to find solutions to these problems and make the world a better place. I understand perfectly well what the situation is like in the real world. However, I think it is better to try to do something rather than do nothing.

This year, over 100 people took part in the model United Nations, including VSU lecturers who played the roles of committee experts. For example, a lecturer from the Department of International Relations and World Politics, Sergey Veis, represented the Security Council; a lecturer from the Department of Regional Studies and International Economies, Igor Komov, – the first General Assembly; associate professors from the Department of Regional Studies and International Economies, Irina Foret and Natalia Zhurbina, – the second General Assembly; and the associate professor from the Department of International Economics and International Business, Anatoly Lylov – ECOSOC.

"The young people of today, especially those who specialise in Humanities, have one big issue: most of them can't speak eloquently, calmly, and to the point in front of an unsympathetic audience," said the General Secretary of the VSU's Model UN, Pavel Plaksin. 'And public speaking is very important for those who specialise in Humanities. That is why our primary goal is to help people learn to express their opinion laconically and to defend it."

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