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02.04.2019 10:05

VSU scientists receive grants from the Russian Science Foundation

Scientists from Voronezh State University were among winners of the competition for RSF grants in the field "Implementation of Fundamental Research and Exploratory Research by Research Groups".

The foundation supported the following projects:

  • “Functional analysis method for studying modern hydrodynamics problems” by the Head of the Department of Algebra and Topological Analysis, Professor Viktor Zvyagin.
  • “Linear and nonlinear equations in spaces of function and applications to problems in physics and technology”, by the Head of the Department of Geometry and Functional Theory, Professor Evgeny Semenov.
  • “Epigenetic and enzymic mechanisms for the regulation of respiratory metabolism and the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates in adaptive responses of the plant cell to stress factors”, by the Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Physiology, Professor Alexander Yeprintsev.
  • “Managing photostability and quantum efficiency of IR luminescence of Ag2S colloid quantum dots for applications of quantum sensory studies”, by the Head of the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy, Professor Oleg Ovchinnikov.
  • “Studying multiquantum processes with the participation of free and bound atoms, ions, and molecules for infrared physical astronomy” by Professor Boris Zon from the Department of Mathematical Physics.
  • “Poet and poetry in post-historical era” by an Associate Professor from the Faculty of Philology, Alexander Zhetenev.

Additionally, the project of the Associate professor from the Department of Solid-State Physics and Nanostructures, Pavel Seredin, “Developing effective methods for preventive dental care based on normalization of the metabolism of dental hard tissues in vivo using biochemical materials with high remineralization potential” was extended.

“Our scientists managed to achieve such results due to a combination of factors,” said the Vice Rector for Research and Innovations, Oleg Kozaderov. “First of all, it is the high level of professionalism of the participants and thoroughly prepared applications for the competition. The coordinated effort of the Scientific Research Department and the VSU Department of Innovations and Enterprise Management was also an important contribution as it encouraged more research teams to take part in the completion.”

“For our university, it is a very important fact that the largest establishment financing research projects, the Russian Science Foundation, added to the list of winners a humanities project by the scientists from the Faculty of Philology of VSU,” said the Rector, Dmitry Endovitsky.

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