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02.04.2019 17:08

"Mammy, Daddy, and me are a sporty family” competitions take place at the university

On 30 March, the annual sports competitions "Mammy, Daddy, and me are a sporty family” took place at the gym of university building № 5 of Voronezh State University. As usual, the trade union held the event at the end of the spring school holidays. These competitions are a good university tradition. On that day, the gym rang with children’s laughter, team spirit, and sharing and caring prevailed over individualism and estrangement.

This year, among the participants of the event were 54 people, including 27 children of different ages: from pre-school children to school graduates. Some of the permanent participants have switched from the teenager group to the adult category and now compete with their parents. As usual, the organisation of the event was excellent due to the efforts of the teachers from the Department of Physical Education and Sports, Natalia Khoroshilova and Olga Guseva, who is also in charge of this trade union programme. They not only explained the rules of various competitions, they demonstrated what the participants were supposed to do, which made the event even more thrilling.

The trade union had also done their homework: they had prepared prizes suitable for the age of each competitor. However, the best bit of the event was its atmosphere created by the joint effort of all the participants and the organisers of the competition. Unsurprisingly, many of the youngest athletes promised to come again next year.

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