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04.04.2019 15:26

University life is not all work and no play

Alongside educational activities, student affairs and social development are an integral part of the university’s activities. In accordance with the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” the Ministry of Higher Education and Science provides universities with funds to organise social, cultural, sports, and recreational activities for students. These funds are targeted and can not be used on anything else.

“Most of the subsidy is sent to organise the rest and recreation of students in summer and in winter: in summer, we offer free holiday packages to Caucasus and Crimea and in winter, students go to Saint Petersburg and Kazan. During the academic year, we organise cultural events: offer tickets to the swimming pool, skating rink, gym, philharmonic hall, trampoline centre, and cinemas and buy sports equipment and presents for the student activists for International Students’ Day. A lot of attention is also paid to the creativity of students. We use the funds provided by the ministry to support student teams in various national festivals: in the student marathon, Russian Students’ Spring festival, and others. We also support “First Year Student” and “Students’ Spring" festivals,” said Oleg Grishayev, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Social Development.

The university buys about 1,000 tickets and seasonal tickets for each cultural event. This number is driven by student interest. The university analyses the results of the first distribution and the target audience.

“The events for which VSU buys tickets are also chosen depending on the students’ preferences. Student activists from every faculty make their suggestions which we discuss at the meeting of the Trade Union. From time to time, we switch activities. For example, we used to offer tickets to football matches, now, we provide seasonal tickets to the trampoline centre and quests. The information about the events is always published on VKontakte, in the official group of the Trade Union Committee and on the university’s official website,’ said Oleg Grishayev.

“At our faculty, all the information about scholarships and tickets to events is published on VKontakte, in the group of the Faculty of History. This year, a separate group of the Faculty’s Trade Union bureau opened where you can find all the necessary information, forms and contacts of the trade union representatives for every year of study. Additionally, the head students have a chat in VKontakte where all the information is duplicated. We’ve been working hard on developing such a pattern of interaction with students since the previous year and have been quite successful so far. There is still room for improvement, though,’ said a representative of the Trade Union at the Faculty of History, Elena Kretinina.

VSU Press Service 
Photo: VSU press-centre, UKNOW, student sport club “Khitschnye Bobry”  


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