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13.01.2015 13:40

Developing cooperation between VSU and SAFEA (People's Republic of China)

Cooperation between VSU and Asian universities has been developing actively and steadily in the last few years. We have renewed contracts with our long-time partners, in addition to signing new agreements, developing our initiatives and establishing Russian Language and Culture Centres in China and Mongolia, as well as expanding the Chinese Centre at Voronezh State University.

In 2013, during the VSU delegation’s visit to Beijing, there were important negotiations held between VSU Rector Prof. Dmitriy Endovitskyy and Director General of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of PRC I.U. Ming. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of PRC noted the high standard of training for Chinese interns at Voronezh State University. Furthermore, the plans for developing collaboration in the next two years were outlined.

This year, Voronezh State University has received a collaboration proposal from SAFEA (a government administrative branch responsible for inviting international experts to work in China) to organize internships for Chinese specialists abroad. In order to implement this proposal, VSU is to prepare a number of draft specialized personnel training programmes which would highlight the advantages and raise the profile of the university. These programmes are going to last three months or longer, and are to be aimed at training single-discipline experts.

The representatives of the Chinese party are, in turn, going to consider these projects carefully and then contact the Chinese educational institutions working in the related sector in order to maintain further cooperation with Voronezh State University and implement specialized training programmes.

– VSU is actively carrying out joint programmes with its Chinese partners, playing an important role in promoting exchange programmes for talented students and scholars, as well as in establishing contacts and knowledge exchange between the two countries. I was deeply impressed by your progress, said I.U. Ming.

It is also worth mentioning that Chinese delegations are increasingly inclined to choose Voronezh and VSU as a platform for cooperation in the educational sphere and advanced training programmes. In the last decade, over 2,000 Chinese specialists have completed professional training courses at VSU; a large number of cooperation agreements have been signed with different universities; joint science and technological projects have been developed; and there has been effective professional interaction in the sphere of education. In 2015, fifteen delegations of administrative officers and leading specialists from a number of the provinces of China are to complete short-term advanced training programmes at Voronezh State University. Alongside other projects of our university, this not only contributes to promoting VSU on the world stage, but also assists in strengthening the economic and cultural ties between the Voronezh region and the Asian-Oceanian countries.

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