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30.10.2015 14:15 Collaboration, Culture / Viewed: 1038

The Theatre of Equals takes part in the 'Theatre+Society' project

On 26 October, a Voronezh unique cultural project the Theatre of Equals finishes a series of performances "The Cat on the Roof" and "Empty Souls" supported by the Ministry for Culture of Russia, the administration of "Stolitsa" centre, the Andropov Foundation, and the "Otsovstvo" Foundation.


30.10.2015 14:09 Collaboration, Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1147

Interns about international education systems and their discoveries

Our students do internships in universities all over the world. We got in touch with our interns who are studying at the moment in the University of Tartu (Estonia), Qingdao University of Science and Technology (China), and Baylor University (USA, Texas).


29.10.2015 15:04 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1100

International students on a tour of the Palace of Oldenburg in Ramon

On October 23rd, VSU international students went on a tour to Ramon and visited the Palace of Oldenburg, a place prominent by its history and architecture.


29.10.2015 12:57 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1323

Students running one of the best IT companies in Russia

We've met the graduates of the Faculty of Computer Sciences who managed to apply their knowledge and skills when they were yet students. They founded their own company that is now listed in the Top-10 Russian IT companies.


29.10.2015 08:46 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1425

Press-conference dedicated to the prospects of partnership between French and Russian universities

On October 28th, Voronezh State University held a press conference under the auspices of the information agency Interfaks dedicated to the development of Russian-French partnership in the sphere of education.


28.10.2015 18:19 Collaboration / Viewed: 1108

Developing partnership with French universities

On October 28th, a French delegation including the French Counsellor of International Economics, the president of the international commission MEDEF Philippe Verbert, the director of the MBA Management programme at the HEC Paris Charles Berger, and the manager of the Business Bridge project Natalia Lanceraux, visited the university.


28.10.2015 15:15 Education / Viewed: 838

Teaching in English as a huge step towards international partnership

Starting with the 2015–2016 academic year, VSU offers its international students courses taught in English in the following areas: economics, history, politics, psychology, and ethics.


28.10.2015 15:06 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1093

Russian evening at the Ethnographic Museum

On October 22nd, the Ethnographic Museum of the Faculty of Philology held the first Russian evening.


28.10.2015 13:57 Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 1477

International Animation Day

On October 28th, the International Animation Day was proclaimed in 2002. Our University has every right to celebrate this day as in 2013 the executive producer of the Wizart Animation studio Vladimir Nikolaev and VSU rector Dmitry Yendovitsky, supported by the governor of the Voronezh Region Alexey Gordeev, established a VSU-based Wizart Animation school.


28.10.2015 11:45 Collaboration, Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1384

Studying in Germany – first impression and some useful tips for future interns

For some of the VSU students taking part in international exchange programmes, the next term is going to be quite a change, as they will have to adapt to a different environment, a different culture, and, what's more, to a different education system. To make it all easier for these students, we've asked those who are studying in Germany this term, to tell us about their first days abroad.


27.10.2015 17:42 Innovations / Viewed: 1114

Our university to help create a new high tech production in the Voronezh region

The results of the open competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation aimed at selecting organisations entitled to receive subsidies for hi tech integrated projects implementation have been published.


27.10.2015 12:39 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 996

Our researchers win a large Federal Target Programme grant

The competition results for the projects aimed at conducting applied research and experimental development in the priority development areas in science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation under the federal target programme "Research and development in top-priority areas of science and technology in Russia for 2014–2020", activity 1.3, have been announced.


26.10.2015 21:28 Student's life / Viewed: 1519

Russian and European intellectuals fight in Voronezh for the title of the champion of the sport version of "Svoya Igra"

On 24 and 25 October, Combined National and European Championship in the sport version of a popular TV quiz "Svoya Igra" was held in Voronezh.


26.10.2015 20:24 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 1195

Our students become four time winners of the Contest of Programmes for Student Communities Development by the Ministry of Education of Science of the Russian Federation

Students of Voronezh State University became the four-time winners of the Contest of Programmes for Student Communities Development in the institutes of higher education organised by the Ministry of Education of Science of the Russian Federation.


26.10.2015 15:18 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1274

A student of the Faculty of Philology is the winner of the National creative writing competition for students

On 22 October, the award ceremony for the National creative writing completion for students organised by the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was held in the Pushkin State Museum (Moscow). A representative of Voronezh State University – a third year student of Philological Faculty Ekaterina Strelnikova became the winner in the nomination "Literature critics".


26.10.2015 14:00 Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1225

From Spain with love

A second year student of the Faculty of International Relations and second and third year students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology who are on exchange courses in different Spanish universities, spoke about the hospitality and sociability of the Spanish, their culture, traditions, and the system of education.


22.10.2015 18:49 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1001

Sport competitions among international students

Between 12 and 14 October, volleyball and table tennis competitions were held among international students of Voronezh State University. The event was organised and conducted by extracurricular sport activities teacher of the International Education Institute Yevgeny Soloviyev.


22.10.2015 16:45 Student's life / Viewed: 1005

International students learn more about Russian films

On 17 October, the third session of Cinema Club VSU was held as part of the 'Buddy Club' project.


22.10.2015 11:40 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1025

Our students take part in the city basketball competition

On 16 October, the Voronezh basketball cup tournament among women was concluded; nine teams took part in the event.


21.10.2015 17:48 Education, Ratings / Viewed: 1391

Our university included in the top-100 best universities in QS University Rankings: EECA 2015

The British company QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) has published the results of regional QS University Rankings: EECA 2015 that includes 500 universities from 20 countries in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.


20.10.2015 17:40 Education, Research / Viewed: 1324

Our students reached the semi-finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest

From 12–14 October, the quarter-finals of ACM ICPC (Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest) were held in Saratov. At this stage of the contest the number of teams from the southern regions of Russia totalled 73, Voronezh State University was represented by 6 teams which showed quite good results.


20.10.2015 17:29 Collaboration, Education, Research / Viewed: 1439

VSU united leading experts in the field of Google technologies

On 17 October, the fourth annual conference GDG (Google Developer Group) DevFest Voronezh organised by Google and DataArt in collaboration with Voronezh State University was held in the auditorium of the VSU main building.


19.10.2015 16:13 Collaboration, Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1361

VSU and EFKO: a positive experience of business-university cooperation

Since January 2013 Voronezh State University and EFKO Group has been working together within the framework of a complex project "Developing a hi-tech industry for plant oil and fibre processing and transformation into non-food products".


19.10.2015 13:07 Collaboration / Viewed: 1289

Certification Centre for DELF-DALF International Diplomas in the French Language opened at the University

An examination centre for DELF A1-B2 and DALF C1-C2 international examinations in the French language was created on the basis of the Regional French Language Centre under Voronezh State University with support from the French Embassy in the Russian Federation.


16.10.2015 20:03 Culture, Education / Viewed: 1365

Lecturers from the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Debrecen delivered lectures at VSU

In October Professors József Goretity and Olga Szucs form the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Debrecen (Hungary) gave lectures at Voronezh State University.


15.10.2015 13:56 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1049

Volleyball competition

An interfaculty volleyball competition among women's teams was held on 13 October at the gym in the main building of Voronezh State University. Students from 17 VSU faculties participated in the competition.


15.10.2015 13:16 Culture / Viewed: 1200

Our alumna translates Svetlana Alexievich's books into German

Every university is proud of its alumni who have managed to achieve considerable success in their career. One such VSU alumna is Anna Maria Braungardt. For many years she has been translating into German literary works created by Svetlana Alexievich (Belarus) who received the Nobel Prize in Literature this year.


14.10.2015 17:01 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1067

VSU graduate talks about the connection between a degree in Philosophy and working as a journalist

Voronezh State University graduates often look back at their studies as a bright and memorable time of their lives. A 2005 graduate of the Department of History of Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Director of the Bureau of the Interfax information agency in the Voronezh Region Dmitry Zelentsov has told us about his education and how the knowledge obtained at the university helped him in his career.


13.10.2015 15:55 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1055

Our students achieve great results at the regional sports tourism championship

Between 9 and 11 October, the regional sports tourism championship was held in the Vorontsovka village of the Pavlovsk region. The 'Belaya Gora' tourist club of Voronezh State University was represented by two teams of sportsmen.


13.10.2015 14:50 Student's life / Viewed: 1187

Students of the Institute of International Education throw a party for the children

On 9 October, international students of Voronezh State University visited Zemlyansk special needs school for students with disabilities.


13.10.2015 14:46 Sport / Viewed: 1211

The results of the Voronezh regional volleyball Spartakiad

On 10 October, a Voronezh regional volleyball Spartakiad for the academic staff and university employees was held at the gym of the main building of Voronezh State University.


13.10.2015 12:40 Innovations / Viewed: 1044

The whole of VSU's life in your phone

On 12 October, Voronezh State University Rector Dmitriy Endovitskiy and Head of VSU's Information Technology Division Alexey Prokhorchenko met the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics. At the meeting, rector Endovitskiy was given a demonstration of a trial version of a mobile application for students and staff members of our university.


13.10.2015 12:34 Education, Research / Viewed: 1592

Our students take part in a forum devoted to the relationship between Russia and Ibero-America

From 1 to 3 October, a delegation from the Faculty of International Relations from Voronezh State University took part in the Second International Forum "Russia and Ibero-America in the Globalized World: History and Modernity", which was held in Saint Petersburg State University.


12.10.2015 17:21 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 980

Track-and-field cross 2015

On 8 October, the "Olympic" stadium housed an inter-faculty competition in track-and-field cross. 162 students from 17 faculties of the University took part.


12.10.2015 17:16 Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 1222

Village: LIVE project kindled the interest of the Russian and international agrarian communities

On 8 October, a team of Voronezh State University students working on the Village: LIVE project took part in the XVII Russian Agroindustrial Exhibition that was attended by over 2500 enterprises from 64 regions of Russia and 24 countries of the world.


12.10.2015 17:02 Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 1075

Our volunteers clean the Usmanka river bank

On 6 October, volunteer team Zernyshko of the Faculty of Geology of Voronezh State University gathered for a clean-up of the Usmanka river banks. This is an annual event aimed at raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection.


09.10.2015 16:59 Collaboration / Viewed: 1030

A letter to VSU Rector from the President of the MEDEF International Commission

Voronezh State University Rector Dmitriy Endovitskiy has received a letter from Philippe Verbert – the French Counsellor of International Economics, the president of the MEDEF international commission of Champagne-Ardenne.


07.10.2015 18:54 Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 1118

Blood Donor Day at Voronezh State University

Early in the morning of 7 October, the halls of the main building of Voronezh State University were filled with music. That was the Blood Donor Day, organized by the Mobile Blood Transfusion Station, and the Kacheli youth group of donors of Voronezh.


06.10.2015 18:50 Collaboration, Innovations / Viewed: 1109

Workshop for IT companies at VSU

On 5 October, a free workshop regarding the preparation of documents for obtaining the status of the Skolkovo foundation project participants was organized in the main building of Voronezh State University.


06.10.2015 16:58 Culture / Viewed: 1146

"Linguistic Tandem": a new volunteering programme at our university

On 3 October, in the Patriots' Park in Voronezh, the first meeting of the "Linguistic Tandem" pilot project took place. The project was created by the students of Voronezh State University and supported by the International Student Exchange Office of the International Cooperation Department, and is based on the experience of European and American universities.


06.10.2015 16:32 Culture / Viewed: 1030

VSU exhibition devoted to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Sergey Yesenin

On 3 October, an exhibition devoted to the 120th anniversary of the birth of a great Russian poet Sergey Yesenin (1895–1925) opened in the Rare Books section of the Voronezh State University Regional Scientific Library.


06.10.2015 15:21 Culture / Viewed: 1014

Our university is to become a venue for the Contemporary Scientific Film Festival

This year, the Contemporary Scientific Film Festival, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, starts a large-scale educational project in Russian universities – Scientific Film Days.


06.10.2015 14:24 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1183

Postgraduate students bring Science Slam to Voronezh

On September 26, VSU PhD students Dmitry Koyuda, Dmitry Zhukalin and Nikolay Lysenko, and the member of the Department of Mathematical Physics Andrey Malykhin, took part in the First National Science Slam held in Samara.


06.10.2015 14:16 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1017

Indoor soccer tournament for first-year students

On October 5, an Indoor soccer tournament for first-year students was held at the gym of the Building № 6 of Voronezh State University.


05.10.2015 18:13 Collaboration / Viewed: 940

A letter form the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr Rjudiger von Frich

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr Rjudiger von Frich send Voronezh State University Rector Dmitry Yendovitsky a Letter of Acknowledgement in which he expressed his gratitude to the university for holding the German Alumni Association (DAWU) Forum.


05.10.2015 14:07 Culture / Viewed: 1234

The Theatre of Equals on the first tour

On October 2, the Theatre of Equals returned from their first tour of the cities of the Voronezh Region – Pavlovsk, Borisoglebsk, and Ramon.


05.10.2015 13:57 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1114

Environmentally friendly litter bin teaches us to conserve our nature

Olga Yakimenko, a master's degree student of the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism, is working on an unusual project – an environmentally friendly litter bin – that demonstrates people how much harm to the environment we do by just throwing away our rubbish.


02.10.2015 17:46 Culture / Viewed: 1586

Egypt in Voronezh

On October 1, a unique exposition "Egypt through the ages" was opened at the Kramskoy art museum dedicated to the 200 anniversary of the O.F.v. Richter collection of ancient Egypt antiques. The aim of the exhibition is to unite European, Russian and Egyptian cultures.


02.10.2015 11:39 Education, Faculties' events / Viewed: 1144

International IT company holds a career-day at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

On October 1, International IT company Atos IT Solutions and Services, held a career day at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology for the final-year students who would like to work in the sphere of IT and learn more about how to get a job and build a successful career.


01.10.2015 15:30 Collaboration, Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1159

Buddy-club takes international students on a city-tour

On September 28, 16 international students of VSU learned a lot about Voronezh with the help from the Buddy-club volunteers, who organised a quest-tour of the city.


01.10.2015 12:24 Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 1129

Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology celebrates International Translation Day

On September 30, the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, and the Department of Theory of Translation and Intercultural Communication, celebrated International Translation Day.


01.10.2015 11:18 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1196

Zaheer Science Foundation becomes our new partner

On September 28 and 29, Prof. Oleg Golichenko (the Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) and Dr. Mohsin U. Khan (Zaheer Science Foundation, India) visited our university within the framework of the Joint Research Laboratory for Social and Economic Processes System Modelling of Voronezh State University and Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.


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