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02.11.2015 20:17

Developing scientific and technological cooperation with the Celestial Empire

On 27 October, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation held the round table between Russia and China to discuss cooperation in the area of high technologies and innovations "International cooperation in building Silk Road Economic Belt and Eurasian Economic Union."

Voronezh State University has always taken an active part in Russian-Chinese events and has a long story of cooperation with Chinese partners in research and educational projects that involve high technologies and innovations. Alexander Khvan, Head of the VSU innovative business incubator represented our University at the round table. He gave a presentation describing the university's proposals aimed at developing and exchanging cooperation with research and educational organisations and production enterprises of China. The members of the Chinese delegation found Alexander Khvan's talk very interesting.

'I am sure that such meetings are very beneficial for developing Russian-Chinese cooperation in the area of high technologies and innovations. It is also a very important task and Voronezh State University has the necessary technologies and experience and contributes a lot to its implementation. The meeting resulted in an agreement to continue cooperation and produce new mutually beneficial agreements and contracts,' said Alexander Khvan.

Additionally, the VSU Innovations and Entrepreneurship Administration prepared presentation for their Chinese partners in the Chinese language that described some of the university's innovative projects, including: dry granular hydrophobic sorbent Greensorb-OIL (author: V.V. Sirota), luminescence spectroscopy bio-tissues analysis hardware and software (authors: V.A. Shulgin, D.A. Minakov), new techniques for creating digital watermarks for electronic content copyright protection (authors: А.А. Sirota, M.A. Druchenko), new image super-resolution technologies software (author: A.Yu. Ivankov), the ABAD cloud service – automation of library services and archive-keeping (author: R.Yu. Makarov), ultra-wideband radioelectronic and location systems creation technology and techniques using ultra-short impulse signals of nano and subnanosecond duration (author: G.K. Uskov), independent device for determination of the extent of blood loss (author: О.S. Dobrynina), chitosan-based wound healing gel (author: P.A. Fedosov), membranes for extracting high-purity hydrogen from hydrogen-containing gases (author: A.A. Maximenko), innovative technologies of preliminary thermomechanical treatment aimed at hardening cutting and measuring tools (author: A.D. Khvan).

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