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02.11.2015 20:25

Head of the R-Sport editorial office Vasily Konov gives a public lecture

On 2 November, the Head of the R-Sport editorial house Vasily Konov gave a public lecture on "Functioning of a news agency during a major sport event by the example of the Sochi's Olympic Games" at out university.

Vasily Konov is a sport reporter and a sportscaster. He has been the Head of the R-Sport news agency, a sport division of RIA Novosty and a division of the multimedia press centre "Rossia Segodnya" since 2010.

Vasily Konov told us how the R-Sport agency works, about the news they cover and the recent results.

'The news agency have to be well-prepared to cover a major sport event. It's a twinkle of an eye and the event is over but it takes a very long time to get ready for it. For example, we started getting ready for the Olympic games two years prior to the event. It was not only sport events that we had to cover. We also wrote about social life – how the winners celebrated their victories and how they spent their time after the competitions. If to speak about Sochi, the most popular news was not the victory of our biathlon team or our hockey team defeat but stories that had nothing to do with sport,' said Vasily Konov.

The journalist told us about the general approach to major sport events covering. According to Vasily Konov, all the Olympic Games reporters spent a few years studying the sport they were to cover: they had to know everything about it, they met the sport persons, the trainers, quite often in person.

Another aspect of sport events covering is very tight deadlines – you had to present the story to the readers 1,5 minutes after it happened. The photographers had the same deadlines. Vasily Konov told us that all the names were translated and biographical materials for each sports person were prepared beforehand.

'The journalists had to work really quick. The most important and the most difficult stage is getting ready for the event when you have to study the sport, prepare for a press conference and get ready with questions to ask the speakers. A journalist has to be able to work under stress and keep an eye on what is going on in his info field,' said Vasily Konov.

The speaker also told us about the most important requirement to a reporter, that is language excellency. He also mentioned that every applicant for a R-Sport position has to take a test in Russian. Additionally, you should not underestimated importance of social network content – posts have to attract readers' attention and encourage them to follow a link to the website to get more information.
In the end of the meeting the journalist answered the questions from the audience.

After the speech, Vasily Konov attended a meeting with VSU Rector Dmitry Endovitsky. The guest thanked the university administration for a warm welcome and the Rector in his turn invited him to join the board of experts for the master's programme "Sports journalism" at the Faculty of Journalism. The guested readily accepted the invitation. Now it is for the Faculty of Journalism to decide.

VSU Press Service  


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