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20.11.2015 21:23

VSU – SEMPER IN MOTU award ceremony

On November 19th, the award ceremony for the Video Contest VSU – SEMPER IN MOTU was held at VSU Concert Hall and was attended by students, lecturers, staff members, and other guests. The ceremony was conducted by Bronislav Tabachnikov, a well-known fine-art expert in Voronezh, and Tatiana Smyrnikh, master's degree student of the Faculty of Journalism. The Voronezh string quartet of Anatoly Sapin provided the background music during the ceremony. Dmitry Endovitsky delivered his opening speech wishing all the students good luck and further success.

The Video Contest VSU – SEMPER IN MOTU was launched on February 2nd 2015. Students and graduates of all 18 faculties took part in the competition. 20 videos made it to the Final, where the winners in several nominations were selected.

The jury included Mikhail Nosyrev, President of ZAO Spartak Cinema, Sergey Gulevsky, honoured worker of culture and director of Voronezh Arts College, and Alexey Bogatyrev, director of the Wizart Animation school.

– There are a lot of talented young people studying at the university. All the participants did a great job, so it was really difficult to choose the best ones. And I hope there will be more such competitions, as they can really change your life. This is actually what happened to me. So, remember, your hobby may become an essential part of your life, – said Alexey Bogatyrev.

The award for the most creative video was presented to Egor Loginov, second-year student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, and Nikita Mosolov, fourth-year student of the Faculty of Law. The prize was 25 thousand roubles.

Another prize of 25 thousand roubles for technical work was awarded to Vladislav Vostrikov, second-year student of the Faculty of Mathematics.

Prize for the best fiction video – 30 thousand roubles – went to Oxana Smirnova, master's degree student of the Faculty of Journalism.

Dmitry Sokolov, third-year student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, was awarded 50 thousand roubles for the best news video, and Dmitry Zolotarev, master's degree student of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics, was awarded 70 thousand roubles for the best image-building video.

University is a huge organism that cannot survive without its students. I hope that we will keep the rhythm we are working at now and gain even better results in the future, – said Dmitry Endovitsky.

– When we were discussing the video with my friends, everyone thought it should be funny. But I believed that I should show something really important, the values that are associated with the university. I then found the music for my video, and the words and images came by themselves. I think it was a great idea to organise such a competition. I enjoyed myself greatly. It is great that the university relies on us in such an important issue as making an image-building video. I'd like to say to everyone: believe in yourself! Never give up! There will always be lots of difficulties, but the more you will enjoy your success, – Dmitry Zolotarev, one of the winners, told us.

The ceremony finished with congratulation to the winners.

VSU Press Service  


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