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30.12.2015 15:50 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1413

Our graduate: “The key points for a good career – hard work and constant development”

We pay a lot of attention to assisting our graduates' employment, collaborating with prospective employers, and the business community. This time we had a chance to talk to a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, and now a post-graduate student, Rostislav Kovalevsky, who, being just 25 years old, managed to become the Executive Director of Efko Kazakhstan.


29.12.2015 15:41 Student's life / Viewed: 1013

VSU volunteers organising a magic New Year’s party for children

On December 26th, the “IndiGo” social club volunteers organised a “Magic New Year” party at the “Burevestnik” Regional Centre for Family Support.


28.12.2015 19:38 Research / Viewed: 907

VSU-published journals included in the Chemical Abstracts database

According to the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, two VSU-published journals are now included in the Chemical Abstracts database.


28.12.2015 18:34 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1261

Talking about the modern art tendencies

On December 24th, a public lecture on fine arts took place at University Building 3 as part of the project called “Del arte Club” organised by VSU Centre of Culture. This time Evgeny Kambalin, a Voronezh artist, gave a lecture on “How to understand today’s reality and what is art today?”


28.12.2015 14:28 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 961

VSU students win 2015 English Olympiad

The First All-Russian Online English Olympiad for non-linguistic majors was held by Amur State University, with participants including students of 25 Russian universities, and the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus.


25.12.2015 19:23 Research / Viewed: 985

Our journals are included in the Web of Science-based Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database

Since December 2014, Russian journals (over 5,000) quality evaluation has been carried out. The best 1,000 are to be included in a separate database of Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).


25.12.2015 16:18 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1388

Our scientists carry out unique experiments for the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

For many years, Voronezh State University has been working in cooperation with such a well-known research centre as the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (the Moscow region). Associate Professor of the Department of Nuclear Physics Viktor Vakhtel told us about research cooperation between physicists of VSU and employees of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.


25.12.2015 11:12 Research / Viewed: 1148

Lecturers of the Department of Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law visit Vietnam

In early December, lecturers of the Department of Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law of Voronezh State University Vadim Gorsky and Maxim Gorsky visited Vietnam.


24.12.2015 14:30 Research / Viewed: 1365

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Fomenko pays a visit to our university

Between 15th and 18th December, an outstanding mathematician, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Anatoly Fomenko paid a visit to Voronezh State University. The scientist’s visit became a landmark event for the Voronezh mathematical society.


22.12.2015 23:22 Innovations, Student's life / Viewed: 1197

Our university launches its mobile application

On 22nd December, the official presentation of the mobile application of Voronezh State University ‘VSU mobile’ took place in the main building's auditorium.


22.12.2015 13:13 Collaboration, Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1021

Our university presents its projects at the annual national exhibition VUZPROMEKSPO–2015

Between 2nd and 4th December, the III annual national exhibition VUZPROMEKSPO–2015 took place at the Technopolis Moskva. The exhibition was accompanied by a scientific and practical conference dedicated to research and advanced development carried out within the federal target programme "Research and development in top-priority areas of science and technology in Russia for 2014–2020".


21.12.2015 16:01 Student's life / Viewed: 1116

Our students organise an interactive concert for children from the Grafskoye children’s health camp

On 19th December, students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, and activists of the student team of train conductors ‘Hermes’, held an interactive concert for children in the Grafskoye children’s health camp.


18.12.2015 12:50 Student's life / Viewed: 1037

Our team ‘Hollywood’ is a finalist of the KVN’s Voronezh regional league

On 12th December, the final of the KVN’s (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted) Voronezh regional league was held in the concert hall of our university.


17.12.2015 15:30 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1458

Farewell party for international students

On 15th December, a farewell party for our autumn term international students was held within the framework of the programme ‘the System of Curators for VSU foreign students’ (unofficially, Buddy Club).


15.12.2015 19:11 Education, Ratings / Viewed: 1823

Our university shows good results in the international subject ranking Round University Ranking

The results of the international subject ranking Round University Ranking have been published.


15.12.2015 18:51

Our university included in the top-10 most popular Russian universities

Our university was listed the sixth in the ranking of most popular classical universities of the Russian Federation, published by the press centre "Russia Segodnya".


10.12.2015 18:35 Education, Sport / Viewed: 1697

Opening of the VSU swimming pool

On 10th December, an opening ceremony of the VSU swimming pool was held. It was attended by the Rector of Voronezh State University Dmitriy Yendovitskiy, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Natalia Tretyak, the Deputy Chairperson of the Council of the Federation Galina Karelova, and the Governor of the Voronezh Region Aleksey Gordeev.


07.12.2015 19:05 Ratings / Viewed: 1258

VSU was included in the global graduate employability ranking of universities

On 26th November, the QS international agency published a pilot edition of QS Graduate Employability Ranking of Universities 2016.


07.12.2015 16:02 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1229

An internship at the Catholic University of Leuven

Between 25th October and 27th November, a lecturer from the Faculty of International Relations of Voronezh State University Aleksandr Boldyrikhin completed the internship within an international research project EU in Depth FP7 at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).


07.12.2015 15:55 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1533

The victory in the competition "IT in the Black Soil Region"

On 4th December, the final of the second competition of innovative IT projects "IT in the Black Soil Region" took place in the conference hall of the main building of Voronezh State University. The event was organised by the Skolkovo Foundation, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies of the Voronezh Region and Voronezh State University.


04.12.2015 16:51 Education / Viewed: 1321

A training workshop for the volunteers from the Voronezh Region

On 27th November, a training workshop for the volunteers from the Voronezh Region was held in the Regional Youth Centre. The event was organised by Voronezh Centre for Education and Youth Projects' Development together with the Department of Pedagogy and Pedagogical Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, VSU.


04.12.2015 14:49 Sport / Viewed: 934

The second prize at the Greco-Roman wrestling competitions

On 29th November, within the Interuniversity Spartakiad Greco-Roman wrestling competitions were held in the sports complex "Zvezdniy". VSU team won the honourable second prize.


03.12.2015 18:43 Research, Student's life / Viewed: 1305

A long-awaited victory of the physicists

On 2nd December, the All-Russian Student Tournament of Physicists 2015 finished at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region). The team from Voronezh State University has taken the first prize for the first time.


03.12.2015 17:37 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1245

VSU will become a federal platform for the expert discussion of the Middle East problems

On 3rd December, a roundtable discussion under the title "From Conflicts in the Middle East to their Settlement" took place in the conference hall of the main building of Voronezh State University.


03.12.2015 17:34 Sport / Viewed: 1134

An assistant of the Faculty of Physics came back from the Russian Masters Swimming Cup with two sets of medals and a record of Russia

Between 27th and 29th November the 22nd Russian Masters Swimming Cup took place in the complex "Nevskaya Volna" in Saint Petersburg.


03.12.2015 11:29 Research, Student's life / Viewed: 1437

Retrocomputing art

On 28th November, the 12th festival of retro computers Artfield was held in the hall of the main building of Voronezh State University.


02.12.2015 18:25 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1283

Distance language learning becomes a reality

The International Education Institute of Voronezh State University has long-standing experience of creating and using computer-based training programmes in the educational process. Its own software technologies proved to be a success within the Institute educational process as well as within the multimedia contests held as part of six Festivals of the Russian Language for International Students in Russia.


02.12.2015 15:20 Sport / Viewed: 1170

Our students win the Voronezh Region Basketball Universade

On 27th November, the Voronezh Region Universade competitions in basketball among men's and women's teams were concluded.


02.12.2015 13:07 Research, Student's life / Viewed: 1446

Dmitriy Zhukalin, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics, wins the first science slam in Voronezh

A scientific week in Voronezh was closed with a three-day "Nanofest". The festival devoted to nanotechnologies was organised by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes (RUSNANO) and the programme "Innovations Workshop" and supported by Voronezh State University.


01.12.2015 15:21 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1458

Our graduate: 'Everybody can graduate from a university, but becoming a real specialist is not for everybody'

A 2005 graduate of the course "Accounting, analysis and audit" at the Faculty of Economics of Voronezh State University Yevgeny Gavrilov told us about studies at the Faculty of Economics, advantages of fundamental education and his first steps in his career.


01.12.2015 14:11 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1652

Our students become winners at the National Festival "Students' sport week"

On 28th November, the National festival "Students' sport week" organised by Voronezh State University with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, as a part of the Programme for Student Communities Development, and the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Voronezh Region was concluded.


01.12.2015 12:05 Education, Pre-university education / Viewed: 1221

Lecture by VSU lecturer Dmitry Vladimirov

On 26th November, a public lecture took place in the "Amital" book supermarket as part of the project called "A Large University for a Large City". A lecturer of the Department of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism Dmitry Vladimirov told the audience about the expedition of the Russian geographic society "Kyzyl-Kuragino".


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