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02.12.2015 13:07

Dmitriy Zhukalin, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics, wins the first science slam in Voronezh

A scientific week in Voronezh was closed with a three-day "Nanofest". The festival devoted to nanotechnologies was organised by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes (RUSNANO) and the programme "Innovations Workshop" and supported by Voronezh State University.

From 27th–29th November, a number of events were held at the campus of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of VSU including open master classes ("The Art of Presentation" by Vladimir Dankin, a consultant on business culture development, "Tools for a Science PR Manager" by Dmitriy Malkov, the Head of the Department of Scientific Communications of ITMO University, and "Fundraising for Scientific Projects and Tech Start-Ups" by Veronika Prokopenko, a leading expert in crowdfunding at Boomstarter.ru), popular-science lectures ("Thermoelectricity. What? How? Where?" by Andrey Voronin, an expert from the National University of Science and Technology "MISiS", and "Evolutionary Crystallography" by Oleg Feya, a postgraduate student of MIPT and a science journalist), a documentary film about 3D-printers "The Printer of the Future", and a biography film about the inventor and futurist Raymond Kurzweil "A Transcendental Man".

Science Slam Nano, the first science slam in Voronezh, was the main event of "Nanofest". On the part of VSU it was organised by Dmitriy Koyuda, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics of VSU. In the evening of 27th November, in the club "Legenda100ru" (Kirova Str., 5) young scientists from Voronezh, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Tomsk were talking in an informal setting about their scientific research and development. Each participant had ten minutes to describe their research project in a simple and interesting way. The audience was asking questions and applauding to choose the winner, the volume of applause was measured in decibels by a sound meter.

In a short time Oleg Feya, a postgraduate student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the winner of the Science Slam Moscow and a science journalist, tried to explain how to determine materials which cause cancer. The speech of Andrey Voronin, an expert in thermoelectric materials from the National University of Science and Technology "MISiS", was devoted to thermoelectricity. In ten minutes Ivan Yorsh, a staff member of ITMO Laboratory of Materials (Saint Petersburg), tried to bend a light beam. Artem Yelkin, an engineer at the Laboratory of Adaptive Metallurgy of the Siberian Chemical Combine and a postgraduate student of Seversk Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Tomsk Region) named his presentation "Shut off the Oxygen!". VSU was represented by Dmitriy Zhukalin, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Physics and a methodologist at the Regional Centre for Students Technical Projects of the Regional Department of Education, Culture and Youth Policy. His presentation "Materials of the Future: How a Butterfly's Wingbeat Causes a Tsunami" was considered to be the best one. The winner was given a traditional prize – genuine boxing gloves.

"The major goal of the Science Slam is to make science available to a large audience; it's a show which is based on scientific research. It is quite difficult to report on your topic in a ten-minute presentation without using any terms. At the same time you try to weigh up every word you say and put yourself in another person's shoes: is it clear to him or her? I think that I have become the winner of this contest for a number of reasons: firstly, my presentation concerned everybody, at the end I suggested that the audience should decide for themselves what qualities of things around them they would like to change or add; secondly, there is no doubt that at home even the walls help. It seems to me that on the whole it is not at all important who has won since it's all about making everybody from the audience, which was packed, by the way, interested. Apart from the major goal, by making short bright and simple presentations we should also try to attract investors who will see the potential in our research projects. I'm sure that the Science Slam will gain popularity. It's great that the projects aimed at educating the younger generation and making science available to a large audience are becoming more and more popular in Voronezh; as a result, the rating of the profession of a scientist is getting higher and people are becoming aware of their importance to society", said Dmitriy Zhukalin, the winner of the first science slam.

VSU Press Service  
Photo by Mikhail Kiryanov (RIA-Voronezh)


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