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22.12.2015 23:22

Our university launches its mobile application

On 22nd December, the official presentation of the mobile application of Voronezh State University ‘VSU mobile’ took place in the main building's auditorium. A group of students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics – Yevgeny Saturov, Alexander Zolotaryev, Anton Tutin, Renata Toktar, Valeriy Popov, and Sergey Fursov – headed by a student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Dmitry Panychev has been working on this project since May 2015.

The presentation attracted VSU employees, representatives of IT companies, and students eager to hear more about the new development, and to install the mobile application on their gadgets. Among other participants of the event was the Head of the Information Technologies Resources Development Office of the Department of Communications and Mass Media of the Voronezh Region Alexey Sokolov.

‘I find this project very interesting. I wanted to see with my own eyes what students can do in deed and not in name. They have had a lot of ideas but in the process of creating the application we understood that we need to introduce a chat messenger for communication between the members of the academic community. In the contemporary world every person uses various gadgets and VSU mobile application installed on their devices will connect them with their alma mater,’ said the VSU Rector, Professor Dmitry Endovitsky.

‘It’s very nice to know that VSU is among the leading universities in the area of IT technologies and that you can introduce such innovative solutions. They are very necessary for all areas. This application can be further developed into something useful for organisations, other than academic. I remember my student years; I always wanted to learn about changes in the timetable as soon as possible. Now the students will get such an opportunity,’ said Alexey Sokolov.

According to the developers, originally, the application was to target the university’s applicants but soon it was extended and grown into a fully-featured application for the university and about the university. Students will get a chance to customize the application and see all the updates for their faculty, year, and group timetable. They will also be able to log in and make changes. Additionally, the students will receive alerts about all the changes in their timetable. Moreover, all users will have access to up-to-date information about events within university, and the news feed made up of the VSU official website content. The application is equipped with a convenient search engine that makes it possible to find the required information. VSU mobile has two versions – for Android and iOS platforms. The application is going to be reworked and new functional solutions are going to be added.

After the presentation, we asked the participants of the event what they thought of the new project.

‘It’s a wonderful idea! I hope the application will become a useful development for university applicants, students and employees and also a so called IT hub – a place that brings together all the citizens who are interested in the events at VSU. VSU generates a lot of interesting news stories and they could be of use for many people. Harvard University also has its mobile application. In this way we can say that VSU keeps an eye on world trends and moves with the times’, said Elena Fyedorova, the Public Relations Director of the company Data Art in Voronezh.

‘Development of the mobile application proves that our university is the leading university in the Black Earth Region. VSU mobile already has a lot of useful features and will be improved in the future. It is quite an interesting application that all students are going to find very useful. It will make it easier for them to follow the timetable updates. Moreover, students will get information about all events at the university’, said Dmitry Serebryakov, a student of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology.

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