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05.02.2015 14:30

VSU team "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold" at the Russian Student Marathon Day 2

4th February was the first competition day of the Russian Student Marathon. The teams competed in creativity and sport contests.

The first contest was the intellectual "Brain-ring" competition. VSU team "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold" with 5th-year law student Nikita Saprykin as their leader, won the first prize. The team was heartily supported by the audience.

While some students were testing their wit and intelligence, others took part in a sports tourism contest. Unfortunately, our team did not win, although they did their best.

In the afternoon, the Marathon participants competed in best make-up and costume contest "Comic con". Arina Muchy (the Faculty of Philology), Anna Zhavoronkova (the Faculty of Geology), and Mariya Dedova (the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism) had only one hour for transforming Roman Semenov (the Faculty of Geology) into the evil Penguin. The jury was impressed by the make-up and the image of the hero, and "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold" won one more prize.

After this, a cyber-tournament "Battle City Tanks" took place. Andrey Boronnikov (the Faculty of Computer Sciences) made a really good effort, but, unfortunately, didn't get to the Final.

The final contest of the day was a dancing contest «Mix dance» that combined elements of dancehall style and Latin dances. Our team was trained by Alexey Goncharov (the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics). Their performance was welcomed by the audience and highly praised by the jury, and brought us one more victory.

But our team had no time to rest. There were a lot more difficult contests ahead, where they needed all their creativity and talents: indoor soccer tournament (men), speedcubing tournament, music contest "Trash Sound", singing contest "Marathon music fest", and dancing master-class.

Russian Student Marathon is a great youth event, combining creativity and sports programmes, as well as various master-classes and meetings with celebrities. The festival has been traditionally held at the Black Sea (Krasnodar Krai) during the winter vacation since 2003. The participating teams from 25 regions of Russia are competing in 20 types of contests, held at the health and sports centre "Orbita" in Olginka (Tuapse Region). The programme includes sports, arts, intellectual contests, master-classes by Russian celebrities, and meetings with famous people. This year, the festival also includes the presentation of the Russian Youth Union project "Russian Student's Spring".

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