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05.03.2015 18:00

VSU strengthens ties with the business community

On 5th March, Voronezh State University welcomed a delegation from OOO "Kosmos-Neft-Gas" Financial and Industrial Company, including Director General Alexander Shevtsov, Development Director Igor Aristov, Research Director Vladimir Khokhlov, and Automation Director Sergey Lysenko. The meeting was aimed at learning about the advanced technologies that the university staff are developing in the sphere of oil and gas refining.

The company representatives met VSU Rector Dmitriy Endovitskyy and Vice-Rector for Innovations and Technology Commercialization Tatiana Davydenko.

– “It is good to see that the leaders of the business community are paying attention to our great specialists in physics and chemistry. Our university possesses a huge scientific and research potential: we have both the distinguished scholars who have already earned world recognition and young promising scientists who generate numerous ideas and literally hold the future in their hands. Let's hope that our cooperation will be productive”, said Dmitriy Endovitskyy.

“We are primarily interested in solving major application tasks. There are certain projects that only require the highest-level specialists to be involved in them. For instance, there is the problem of sulphur surplus on the market, or the problem of autonomous electrification in the oilfields. We are interested in the membrane research conducted at your university. I think that, in the future, we will find even more common ground; what's important is to just start”, said Alexander Shevtsov.

After that, the university's scientists made a presentation of innovative research projects for the guests. Senior Research Assistant at the Voronezh State University Technopark and the Head of a VSU-based small innovative enterprise OOO Plasma Innovation Technologies, Alexandr Maksimenko, demonstrated two major innovations: membrane elements for hydrogen release (high-efficiency filters for hydrogen ultrapurification) and solar energy collectors (solar systems for heating and hot-water supply).

Head of the VSU Students' Development Laboratory Ruslan Gafarov told the delegation about another project with a large practical application – a low-end range of switched mode power supply units and military hardware modules. Head of the Development Laboratory also noted that the power units are completely made in Russia.

This meeting was made possible by an effective presentation of the university's key developments organized by the VSU Department of Innovation and Business at the Kosmos-Neft-Gas's exhibition held on 20th February 2015 as part of the visit of Deputy Chairman of Management Committee of OAO Gazprom V.A. Markelov to the Voronezh region.

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