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30.03.2015 12:17

VSU foreign students visit a unique museum ship

On 28th March, Institute of International Education's Department of the Russian language for international students of Voronezh State University organised an excursion to the working copy of the ship Goto Predestinatia in the framework of the course"Voronezh Region culture".

Among the participants of the event were lecturers of the department, interns and students from Angola, Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq, China, Estonia and Madagascar. They learnt about this unique project, observed the gun-decks, the captain's cabin, learnt about peculiarities of the life of sailors of the Russian navy in the early XVIII century. The students found the captain's cabin with luxurious furniture, engravings and the wax statue of Peter I the most impressive.

The students asked a lot of questions about what the sailors ate and where they slept, when the Russian tricoloured flag was introduced, how the battles were fought, why the ornaments and decorations of the ship are so various and if there could be any women on board. The students were really impressed by the excursion. Now they know why Voronezh is called the cradle of the Russian fleet.

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