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30.04.2015 16:03 Student's life / Viewed: 1094

Triple victory of VSU radio Navigator

On 26 April, the results of the annual Festival of the Russian Radio Industry "Vmeste Radio" were announced. In the Central federal district the programme of Natalia Gaag, the editor of the student radio Navigator of the Faculty of Journalism of Voronezh State University got the first prize in the nomination "Report".


29.04.2015 12:27 Collaboration, Social work / Viewed: 1219

VSU foreign students visit the Voronezh Regional Duma

On 24 April, leaders of Voronezh State University foreign student’s communities and VSU International Education's Department football team members visited the Voronezh State Duma by invitation of a Duma member Alexadr Kucherencko.


28.04.2015 14:05 Student's life / Viewed: 1440

Traditional closing concert of the "Students' Spring–2015"

On 25th April, a traditional closing concert of the "Students' Spring–2015" annual festival took place in the new concert hall of Voronezh State University.


28.04.2015 12:59 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1470

VSU: European education expert centre

A delegation from Voronezh State University represented by Natalia Zhurbina, the Head of the International Cooperation Department, Natalia Ushakova, the Head of International Student Exchange Office and an employee of the International Student Exchange Office Milana Furman took part in a training seminar and the Erasmus Mundus project “UNIQUE – University Quality Exchange” coordination meeting that were held between 14th–16th April in Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Graz, Austria).


27.04.2015 16:24 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1015

VSU team is among prize winners of shooting competitions between universities of Voronezh region

On 26th April, five Voronezh universities competed in shooting sports in the framework of Voronezh region sport tournament between the region's universities that was held in the shooting room of Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


27.04.2015 15:48 Collaboration, Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 1330

Foreign students learn secrets of pottery

On 24th April, Voronezh State University foreign students from China, Iraq, Madagascar, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Macedonia visited the Children Creativity Centre (Voronezh).


27.04.2015 14:39 Collaboration, Education, Innovations / Viewed: 1497

Presentation session for representatives of the ore mining industry companies

On 23rd April, a presentation session for representatives of ore mining industry companies was held in Voronezh State University.


27.04.2015 13:34 Collaboration, Education, Student's life / Viewed: 2032

VSU foreign students visit Yelets

On 24th April, in the framework of the project "The System of Curators for VSU foreign students" the International Cooperation Department organised a trip to Yelets for foreign students doing courses at Voronezh State University.


23.04.2015 18:27 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1554

VSU students at Voronezh boxing competitions

From 15th–18th April, 58 sportsmen from eight universities of Voronezh region took part in boxing competitions between universities. According to the results of the event, the team of Voronezh State University took the third team prize.


23.04.2015 17:46 Sport / Viewed: 1144

Assistant of the Faculty of Physics Yury Perin becomes a three time champion of Russia

On 17th and 19th April, the Masters Swimming Championship of Russia took place in Kazan in a water sports complex built for the world championship. According to the competitions results, an assistant of the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University Yury Perin became a three-time champion of Russia.


23.04.2015 17:16 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1386

VSU takes part in the 13th Chinese Talents Exchange International Conference

On 18th and 19th April, Voronezh State University took part in the 13th Chinese Talents Exchange International Conference that was held in Shenzhen.


23.04.2015 15:11 Sport / Viewed: 1187

VSU women’s team shows good results in the Russian Lapta Championship

On 22nd April, The Voronezh Russian Lapta Championship between women took place at the stadium of Voronezh State Technological University.


23.04.2015 13:06 Student's life / Viewed: 1161

VSU foreign students visit Voronezh biosphere reserve

On 22nd April, the Institute of International Education of Voronezh State University organised a trip for foreign students and interns to the Voronezh nature biosphere reserve named after V.M. Peskov.


23.04.2015 12:01 Ratings / Viewed: 1104

VSU teacher resource centre is included into 'Auditor' magazine top-5 ranking

The VSU teacher and resource centre named after L.T. Gilyarovskaya was included in the ranking of the magazine 'Auditor" where it was placed fourth for the period of 2014.


22.04.2015 19:33 Education / Viewed: 2192

President of Card Access Engineering (USA) gives a public lecture in VSU

On 21st April, the President of Card Access Engineering (USA) Howard B. Gee gave a public lecture “Internet of things. What does it mean for me?” in Voronezh State University.


22.04.2015 19:25 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1513

VSU holds Russian and Chinese rubber forum

On 22nd April, a delegation of representatives of industrial enterprises of Boye, province Hebei (China) visited Voronezh State University. The delegation comprised 13 top managers of large rubber production enterprises and was headed by the chairman of the Boye Rubber Industry Association Mr. Wang Dean.


22.04.2015 17:21 Sport / Viewed: 1062

VSU team wins the Russian Lapta Championship

On 21st April, Voronezh Russian Lapta Championship between men took place at the stadium of Voronezh State Technological University. The Championship was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


22.04.2015 14:25 Education / Viewed: 1295

VSU students meet business community representatives

On 15th April, senior students of the Faculty of Chemistry of Voronezh State University headed by an employment specialist, A.S. Shestakov, took part in the "Open day" of a modern multi-purpose chemical enterprise OAO Pigment (Tambov).


21.04.2015 15:19 Education / Viewed: 1403

VSU students take part in a workshop on inclusive education for children with autism

On 17th April, students of the first and second year of the Psychological and Pedagogical Education programme of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology of VSU together with their supervisor Olga Ivanova visited the workshop: "My child with an autism spectrum condition is going to join a resource class. What is going to happen to my child, family and school?".


21.04.2015 12:30 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1156

VSU foreign interns broaden their minds

In accordance with the extra-curricular activities plan of the Institute of International Education's Department of the Russian language for international students of Voronezh State University in the framework of academic introductory training; foreign students headed by a senior lecturer of the department Raisa Firsova went on a sightseeing trip to the North Caucasus (the city of Kislovodsk).


21.04.2015 11:59 Education / Viewed: 1118

Development of VSU academic training base in the Republic of Adygeya

From 14th–17th April, a Voronezh State University delegation including Yury Bubnov – Vice Rector for Strategic Administrative Management and Viktor Nenakhov – the Dean of the Faculty of Geology paid a visit to the university academic training base in the Republic of Adygeya.


20.04.2015 18:30 Student's life / Viewed: 1389

XV National Student Intellectual Games Championship

On 18th and 19th April, the XV National Student Intellectual Games Championship organised by Voronezh State University, VSU Student Council, and the Intelligent Technologies Centre TSIT.RUS took place in Voronezh.


20.04.2015 16:45 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1205

Working meeting dedicated to the Department of ERP Systems and Business Processes Management functioning

On 20th April, a working meeting of the Rector Dmitry Yendovitskiy, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics Informatics and Mechanics Aleksandr Shashkin, and Director of the Voronezh branch of ООО Atos IT Solutions and Services Yekaterina Rusina, and the Head of the Centre for target training of top IT specialists of Atos IT Solutions and Services Sergei Kenin was held in the main building of Voronezh State University.


20.04.2015 15:42 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1063

Network partnership allows for studying optics and nanophotonics on a global level

Starting on 1st January 2016, VSU students will get an opportunity to study at the partner university - the University of Texas at Brownsville, USA – at the double degree master’s programme "Physics" within the framework of VSU master’s degree programme "Optics and nanophotonics".


20.04.2015 13:37 Collaboration / Viewed: 1138

VSU – an EU expert on reforming the system of higher education

In March 2015, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission approved the list of EU experts for reforming the system of higher education in partner states. 15 Russian universities that are most actively promoting the European education projects were selected, including Voronezh State University.


17.04.2015 11:32 Faculties' events, Social work / Viewed: 1177

Unique sculpture opened in the yard of the Faculty of Law

On 17th April, in the yard of the Faculty of Law was held an opening ceremony of an unusual art object – a bench called "Wise as Solomon".


16.04.2015 17:29 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1095

VSU researcher – Chairman of the Council of Young Scholars and Specialists of Voronezh Region

On 10th April, the meeting of the Regional Department of Education, Culture and Youth Policy issued the order No 295 dated 20.03.2015 that established the Council of Young Scholars and Specialists of Voronezh Region.


16.04.2015 13:24 Student's life / Viewed: 1146

Movie club for international students

On 11th April, the conference-hall of the Faculty of Computer Sciences held another session of the movie club "Buddy club VSU" organised by volunteer students.


15.04.2015 17:21 Education, Research / Viewed: 1169

VSU scientists developing new science in Russia – the perinatal psychology

Scientist of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology conduct their research in various spheres. A completely new one – perinatal psychology – is now being developed at the Department of General and Social Psychology. The research is conducted under the supervision of Associate Professor Irina Zavgorodnyaya.


14.04.2015 17:16 Sport / Viewed: 1019

VSU students winning second prize for swimming in the University Games

On 9th and 10th April, the swimming contest was held within the framework of the University Games of Voronezh. VSU team won the second prize.


13.04.2015 18:10 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1279

Business in the Emerging Markets – new master's programme

Today, practically every sphere of our lives is in some way influenced by the global community. And education is one of these spheres. Voronezh State University is intensively developing seven programmes with foreign universities.


13.04.2015 17:50 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 1226

Global Education at VSU

On 7th April, a workshop within the "Global Education" programme was held at the VSU conference-hall.


13.04.2015 17:01 Sport / Viewed: 1135

VSU team – champions of the Central District in Russian lapta

On 13th April, the Final of the Russian lapta Championship of the Central District was held at the stadium of Voronezh State Technical University.


13.04.2015 11:56 Social work / Viewed: 1084

Workers of the VSU library – prize-winners at the regional contest "Golden Lion – 2015"

On 10th April, Voronezh Institute of High Technologies held the final round and the award ceremony of the regional contest "Golden Lion – 2015".


10.04.2015 16:45 Research / Viewed: 1246

Viktor Buchstaber, member of the Board of the Moscow Mathematical Society, awarded with the title of Honorary Doctor of VSU

On 10th April, in the VSU conference-hall a ceremony was held, where the title of Honorary Doctor of Voronezh State University was awarded to Viktor Buchstaber, member of the Board of the Moscow Mathematical Society, member of the National Committee of Mathematicians of the Russian Federation, and Honorary Professor of the University of Manchester.


10.04.2015 11:40 Research / Viewed: 1148

VSU researchers working on the Voronezh Region Black Book

The VSU's Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism is one of the largest in Russia that teaches specialists in the sphere of geography, geoecology, natural resources management, and tourism.


08.04.2015 18:35 Collaboration / Viewed: 1306

Conducting the Tempus project InterEuLawEast

On 30th March, IV Coordination Meeting within the framework of Tempus project "European and International Law Master programme Development in Eastern Europe" (InterEULawEast) was held at the Higher School of Social Technologies in Riga, Latvia.


08.04.2015 17:31 Student's life / Viewed: 992

VSU students among the prize winners of the V (XVI) Open Student Programming Championship

From 2nd–5th April, Samara State University held the V (XVI) Open Student Programming Championship. 68 teams from Russian universities took part in the Championship.


07.04.2015 19:28 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1083

VSU students studying Italian at the University for Foreigners of Perugia

Voronezh State University has partnership agreements with over 140 universities all over the world. One of the major spheres of international activity of VSU is developing partnership with universities of Italy.


07.04.2015 17:16 Collaboration, Innovations / Viewed: 1745

VSU at the Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon "ARCHIMEDES–2015"

From 2nd to 5th April, a delegation from Voronezh State University took part in the Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon "ARCHIMEDES–2015" held at Convention and Exhibition Centre "Sokolniki".


06.04.2015 16:11 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1029

VSU lecturer participates in the All-Russia workshop on the problems of children with autism spectrum conditions

On 2nd and 3rd April, Olga Ivanova, lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy and Pedagogical Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, took part in the First All-Russian workshop on the problems of children with autism spectrum conditions.


06.04.2015 11:06 Education / Viewed: 1039

Public and professional accreditation of the secondary vocational education programme

On 1st and 2nd April, the experts from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Voronezh Region conducted professional accreditation of the secondary vocational education programme "Pharmacy" at the Faculty of Pharmaceutics of Voronezh State University.


03.04.2015 15:20 Research / Viewed: 1114

Theories by VSU scholars popular with the international academic community

Scholars at Voronezh State University conduct major research in atomic spectroscopy and atom interaction with electromagnetic impulses.


02.04.2015 16:18 Education / Viewed: 1054

VSU master's degree student – a member of the youth personnel reserve of the Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

VSU master's degree student Konstantin Semenov has become a member of the youth personnel reserve of the Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. He is one of the Top 10 participants of the Ministry's biannual winter trainee programme.


01.04.2015 18:40 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1174

Chess victories of VSU students

On 29th March, Chess Competition between Voronezh universities was concluded. Voronezh State University was represented at the competition by two teams, both of which showed good results and took two of the three winning prizes.


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