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05.05.2015 15:11

Development of Oriental Studies in VSU

The modern world faces various challenges and dangers, demographic and migration problems, rising international and regional, political, and economical tensions. In recent years, political and particularly economic agenda have been influenced to a great extent by events in the East, Asia and Africa.

This May Voronezh State University opens the Centre for Oriental Studies as a result of signing the cooperation agreement between VSU and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences under which the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and VSU will supervise the new centre and provide methodological, organisational and human resources support.

Maksim Kirchanov – Dr. Habil. in History, Associate Professor at the Faculty of International Relations was appointed as the Head of the Centre.

The main research fields of the Centre will include history, politics and economics of the Arab East, the State of Israel, post-Soviet Asia and the Southern Caucasus and the countries of Southern-Western Asia. It will also coordinate VSU staff publications and research dedicated to the issues of Oriental studies. Moreover, it has been planned to organise regular publishing of articles, monographs, and a specialised periodical.

Apart from coordination of Oriental studies research the Centre for Oriental Studies' goals will include promotion of oriental languages among Russian students as well as work with students of oriental diasporas studying in Voronezh State University.

The Centre for Oriental Studies will be located at 8, Friedrich Engels Street.

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