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19.05.2015 17:23

VSU-junior - the first junior university handball team in the Black Earth Region

On 19 May, VSU Rector Dmitry Endovitsky met with Sergey Bakhtin, the Head coach of the junior league of the handball club "Energy", and Alexander Vlasov, the co-instructor, to discuss the creation of the VSU junior handball team. The team will include 14–16-year-olds. The project will be supervised by Mikhail Frolov, Dr. habil. in Physics and Mathematics, the Chairman of the student scientific society at VSU.

– “On my business trip to USA, I saw, that one of the ways to involve schoolchildren in the university atmosphere is by doing sports. There are many junior teams working with high school students. The same thing is very popular in Europe. There are, however, few such examples in Russia. VSU runs many interesting projects for schoolchildren in the scientific sphere, but we should remember sports games too, as they teach young people how to work in a team. I believe the project will become a success for both VSU and our future students” – said Mikhail Frolov.

Dmitry Endovitsky says that the project is a unique start-up both on the regional and on the state level.

Within the project, VSU will provide the training programme, the uniform, and the gym. The University will also help the junior team prepare for the international handball festival in Toliatti on 6th–12th June.

– “Handball is very simple; you don't need any special place or equipment to play handball. Each team includes two squads of 7 players. So we need 18 people – the players, the coaches, and the substitutes. There will be 3–4 training sessions per week starting at 5 p.m.” – said Alexander Vlasov.

– “Kids will be interested in this because they will be able to feel the university atmosphere and then to study while doing their favourite sport. Our junior team is quite promising, and may well take part not only in the regional and federal, but also in international competitions” – said Sergey Bakhtin.

On 4 June, at 10 a.m. the team will meet with Dmitry Endovitsky at the Assembly Hall of the VSU Main Building. They will also have special tests, prepared by the Department of Pre-university Education.

VSU Press Service  

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