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15.06.2015 12:18

A new insect species is named after a professor of Voronezh State University

A new insect species discovered by Dr Stefan Naglis from Switzerland and a Czech scientist Miroslav Bartak was named after Oleg Negrobov, the Head of the Department of Ecology and Systematics of Invertebrates of the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences of Voronezh State University. The article describing the species Sciapus negrobovi was published in May of 2015 in one of the leading international biological journals 'Zootaxa', included in the data bases Web of Science, and Scopus.

Taxonomists from Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine had named two new genera (after  scientists): Olegonegrobiva, that includes seven species from Africa and Negrobovia, that includes three species from Australia and ten new species: Sphegina negrobovi from the Caucasus, Chaetapodacra negrobovi from Mongolia, Argyra negrobovi from the Khabarovsk region, Argyra olegi from Congo, Melanostolus negrobovi from Uzbekistan, Asyndetus negrobovi from Romania, Dolichopus negrobovi from Russia and Mongolia, Medetera negrobovi from Austria, Nepalomyia negrobovi from Singapore, and Platypalpus negrobovi from the Caucasus.

'Biological systematics is the highest level of research, as it requires a long preparation and is very time consuming. After I graduated from the university I spent three years doing postgraduate studies at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences and then had a nine-month internship in Berlin at the Humboldt University. During this period I had to read a lot of books in Latin, Greek, French, German and English dating from the end of the 18th century up to the present. What's more, I had to study holotypes in the collections of the world’s leading museums,' said Oleg Negrobov.

About 1.5 million insects inhabit the Earth. All of them are divided into groups. They are studied by taxonomists and each group has an expert at the international level. Oleg Negrobov is a world expert in dipterology. There are about 150 thousand species of dipterans. The scientist from VSU specialises in dolichopodidae (long-legged flies).

'Dolichopodidae are predatory on bark beetles, gnats, and act as a bioindicator of the level of pollution. There are about 7.5 thousand species belonging to this family. I have described about 470 new species. At the moment I am working (describing, drawing) with collections from Japan, Switzerland, Finland and Bulgaria. I have finished work with collections from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Hungary. As a result of exchange with foreign museums and institutions I receive specimen from South America, Australia, Africa, England and other countries. Today the fund of collections at our department comprises 500 thousand insect specimens: butterflies, dragonflies, a collection of spiders, hydrobiological insect species and over thousand species of dolichopodidae. This is the largest collection, excluding the Moscow and Saint Petersburg collections. I started the fund when I worked at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg. When I moved to Voronezh the administration of the Institute of Zoology presented me with two 100 drawer cabinets and four smaller cabinets. Postgraduate students helped me to load the collection and brought it to VSU and that is how the collection fund of our department was started. Every year the fund gets larger with every practice trip to such regions as Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, the Taymyr Peninsula, the Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Carpathian Mountains. Last year students brought from their practice in the Astrakhan Region a new species common for the Central Asia,' said the scientist.

All in all, Professor Oleg Negrobov has published over 940 papers, including 20 monographs and monograph chapters. Two of them were published in Germany, one – in Hungary; the articles were published in Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, the USA, Hungary, Belgium, France, Norway, England, the Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey and many CIS countries. Among his works are joint publications with 222 authors, including scientist from England, Bulgaria, Germany, Guinea, Norway, Syria, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, China, France and Japan.

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