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19.06.2015 16:56

VSU implements the concept of continuous education

In June, the first graduate class is going to complete their course of study at the Part-Time Arts School in the "Philology and Modern Society" Research and Education Centre. The project, which was developed and implemented by the Faculty of Philology of Voronezh State University, is based on the concept of continuous education in Arts for everybody.

For one year, 25 students of different ages and backgrounds who already have a secondary-level, vocational secondary, or higher education, spent 4–6 hours a week expanding their horizons in general culture and received knowledge in four areas of thought: "Business Communication and Eloquence", "Russian and International Literature and Media", "Speech Culture and Editing", "Philology for Public Relations and Mass Media".

– The Part-Time Arts School is unique to the Voronezh region. Its strategic aim, which is directly connected with the university's mission for the region, is to advocate and spread the knowledge of philology among those who had not been able to get a higher education in this field before, or those who need to raise their general level in humanities, says Andrey Faustov – Head of the "Philology and Modern Society" Research and Education Centre.

The Part-Time Arts School started its classes in October 2014. One does not need to take any exams to enter. The main criteria for student selection were a secondary-level education, a desire to obtain knowledge in the field of humanities and continue their education despite their age and the lack of time. Upon the completion of the course, the first graduates will receive certificates of extended education.

The project is aimed at dealing with some of the major current problems, two of which may be considered the most relevant. First of all, there is a sharp decline in literacy and a decreasing interest in literature, which disrupts the effectiveness of communication and prevents the growth of people's creative potential. Secondly, there is limited access to high-level education for those who would like to enrich their general knowledge and skills.

Taking part in the course gives an opportunity to fill the gaps in a person’s education outside working hours. It boasts a high didactic and academic level owing to it being organized at a classical university and involving the leading lecturers of the Faculty of Philology and a number of other faculties. The programme is customized depending on the specific needs of the students.

The project is in line with the continuous education concept, which is widespread in the leading countries of the world. One of the conditions for a truly civic society to be formed is an opportunity for the citizens to obtain supplementary education in the fields which they consider to be important for their personal fulfilment. A definite priority here is a liberal arts education. A great French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss once said: "The XXI century will have to be the age of the humanities, or else it will not happen at all".

In order to enrol on the course for the next academic year, please contact the organizers by phone (+7 473 220-84-98) or visit the website http://образование-сегодня.рф.

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