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24.06.2015 17:49

VSU scholars develop new dosage forms based on microcapsules

One of the key research areas of the scholars of the Faculty of Pharmaceutics of Voronezh State University is developing the composition, production technology, the methods of standardization and biopharmaceutical research into new dosage forms with a nootropic activity. The research is being done at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering headed by the Dean of the Faculty Professor Aleksey Slivkin.

The work of Julia Polkovnikova – a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmaceutics – is aimed at creating microcapsulated medicinal substances with a neuroleptic activity and developing dosage forms for internal use based on these substances. The project is being carried out using the Grant obtained from the President of the Russian Federation for "Methodological aspects of developing new dosage forms based on microcapsules".

– Microencapsulation is one of the advanced techniques of developing innovative long-acting dosage forms, which would allow the expansion of the range of medicinal substances and revolutionize the approach to treating certain diseases. However, the practical use of microcapsules in the pharmaceutical industry is currently limited, although their potential is obvious. Creating microcapsules and dosage forms based on them is one of the relevant tasks facing pharmaceutical engineering. The novelty of our research is that we are working on creating a new technological solution for obtaining dosage forms having a prolonged action and a greater stability level. Pills are effective, but they do not have a prolonged action and are not particularly convenient to take. A more popular and desirable dosage form is microcapsules in capsules, which may also decrease the extent to which the substance stability is influenced by humidity. Placing microcapsules inside capsules and obtaining suspensions based on them will result in a significant prolongation in the pharmacological effect. For that, we need a number of technological solutions, namely developing the microencapsulation technology, as well as selecting the optimal auxiliary substances, says Julia Polkovnikova.

During the research, the developers are planning to provide experimental justification for the technological process of microencapsulation, study the influence of auxiliary substances on the microcapsule quality, and select the optimal technological conditions of obtaining microcapsules using the methods of mathematical experiment planning. Apart from that, there are plans to select the auxiliary substances for developing the optimal microcapsule suspension composition using technological and biopharmaceutical research.

As a result, the team of VSU scholars will develop the most rational technological system of capsule and suspension production in a factory environment, in addition to suggesting the norms and methods of the capsules and suspension quality assessment and determining their shelf life.

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