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31.07.2015 16:34 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1929

VSU students can learn foreign languages in one of the most picturesque places in the world

In the modern geopolitical context, collaboration with Asian countries is one of the definite priorities for the international development of Voronezh State University and, more globally, Russia as a whole. VSU has several partnership agreements with Chinese universities that include academic and students exchange programmes.


31.07.2015 16:26 Sport / Viewed: 1196

VSU students complete a walking tour in North Ossetia

11–25 July, VSU students, members of the VSU sports tourism centre "Belaya Gora", took part in mountain hiking tours of the 1 and 2 levels of difficulty in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania.


29.07.2015 15:59 Social work, Sport / Viewed: 1207

VSU Swimming Pool construction moving on

The construction of VSU swimming pool has been going on since September 30 at the 2600 m2 territory in Kholzunova Street, 42a.


29.07.2015 13:54 Education / Viewed: 1304

Russian Language Testing Centre for foreigners keeps working even in summer

Voronezh State University pays a lot of attention to teaching international students and working with universities from other countries.


28.07.2015 12:49 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1257

VSU scientists attending the IV Summer Conference

11–18 July, the IV Summer Conference "Project Education in Natural Science and Nanotechnology" was held on the Olkhon island in Lake Baikal. Dmitry Zhukalin, postgraduate students at the Department of Semiconductor physics and microelectronics, the Faculty of Physics, and Ilia Korzhyk, Director of the Regional Centre for Students Technical Projects, took part in the conference.


27.07.2015 15:43 Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1180

Chinese term of a VSU student

Voronezh State University every year participates in various international partnership programmes with world leading universities and companies, students' and academic staff exchange programmes, and integration programmes.


27.07.2015 15:38 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1295

VSU holds an ECONANOSORB workshop

24 July, a workshop "Using genuine nanomaterials in sensors of industrial toxicants and biomedical devices" within the framework of the ECONANOSORB project was held at Voronezh State University.


24.07.2015 17:09 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 2161

First graduates of the corporate master's programme run jointly by Atos IT Solutions and Services and VSU

24 July, the graduation ceremony for the first students of Atos and VSU joint master’s programme and the students of the Atos Education Centre at VSU was held at the conference hall of Voronezh State University.


23.07.2015 15:00 Education / Viewed: 1479

VSU officially registers new symbols

Voronezh State University got its new heraldry officially registered by the Voronezh regional heraldry society, and the new coat of arms and flag of the University were matriculated by the Russian national heraldry society.


22.07.2015 13:47 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1623

VSU scientist taking part in the BRICS summit

3–6 July, the first BRICS Youth Summit was held in Kazan. Among the participants representing the Russian youth was Dmitry Vladimirov, lecturer at the Department of Recreational Geography, Country Studies and Tourism of the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism of Voronezh State University.


21.07.2015 16:31 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1275

VSU scholars offer an effective anticorrosion technology

A project done by a student of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the VSU Faculty of Chemistry Alexey Kruzhilin, supervised by Head of the Department Prof. Khidmet Shikhaliev, has become the winner of the UMNIK programme of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology in the area of Advanced Materials and Technologies.


20.07.2015 12:26 Education, Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1146

VSU scholars develop a system expanding opportunities for human-computer communication

At the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Voronezh State University, the first phase of the Emonet system which considerably expands the opportunities for user interaction with both the computer and the other users in social networks and multimedia content has been successfully started.


17.07.2015 13:20 Student's life / Viewed: 1339

VSU at the twelfth Vladimir Potanin Foundation School

On 29 June – 3 July, the town of Khimki of the Moscow Region housed the twelfth Vladimir Potanin Foundation School. Voronezh State University was represented there by the winners of the scholarship competition of 2014 and 2015: Master's degree students of the Faculty of Economics Kseniya Mezhova and Vladislav Budanov, a Master's degree student of the Faculty of Geology Sergey Blagoveshchenskiy, and a Master's degree student of the Faculty of Physics Nikolay Lysenko.


17.07.2015 12:59 Social work / Viewed: 1843

The new VSU dormitory – a true university pearl

In February 2013, VSU started the construction of a valuable gift for its students – a new dormitory at 42a Kholzunova Street. In March 2013, VSU Rector Dmitry Yendovitsky and the construction workers of the OOO Stel-Invest contracting company installed the first pad for the foundations of the new dormitory which has now become part of the North university campus.


16.07.2015 17:31 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1142

A VSU scholar's program ensures a high resolution of photo and video images

A project called "Mathware and software for implementing new image super-resolution technologies", done by a third-year postgraduate student of the Department of Information Procession and Protection Technologies of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Voronezh State University Alexander Ivankov and supervised by Alexander Sirota, deals with processing photo and video images.


16.07.2015 16:41 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1133

VSU signs a new agreement as part of the Erasmus+ programme

On 16 July, Voronezh State University Rector Dmitry Yendovitsky signed a partnership agreement between VSU and the University of Caen (France).


15.07.2015 18:24 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1093

Chinese province government employees complete their internships at VSU

On 29 June – 4 July, a delegation of the employees of the State Council Legislation Department from the People's Republic of China completed their internships at Voronezh State University.


15.07.2015 14:20 Education, Ratings / Viewed: 945

VSU is included in the TOP 20 Russian universities by the salaries of Economics and Management graduates

Voronezh State University has been included in the TOP 20 Russian universities by the salaries of young specialists employed in Moscow in the area of economics and management.


14.07.2015 16:22 Research, Student's life / Viewed: 1734

VSU young scholars' Creative Science project receives the first grant from the Molgorod forum

On 4–8 July, the Molgorod annual educational youth forum was held at Vostok–4 children's holiday camp. One of the fifteen platforms of the forum was Creative Science arts and sciences platform organized by a team of young scholars from Voronezh State University. Coordinators of the platform were Dmitriy Koyuda and Anna Eliseeva.


13.07.2015 15:12 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1262

A Tempus project in the area of education implemented at VSU

From 1 December 2013 until 30 November 2016, Voronezh State University has been involved in the implementation of an international Tempus project on the Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies (E3M).


11.07.2015 19:56 Education / Viewed: 1595

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin is awarded with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Voronezh State University

On 11 July, the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa of Voronezh State University was awarded to Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin during an official ceremony held in the auditorium of the VSU main building.


10.07.2015 17:42

A unique Anatomy Museum opens at VSU

On 10 July, Voronezh State University held an opening ceremony of the Anatomy Museum.


10.07.2015 16:59 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1431

VSU scientists develop prosthetic appliances that offer more opportunities for the disabled

Today worldwide there is a serious shortage of affordable functional extremity prostheses with long life time. Modern technologies allowed scientist from different countries to redefine the problem of creating prostheses of a new type.


10.07.2015 15:52 Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1160

VSU student completes internship in the Catholic University of Leuven

A third year student of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology Sergey Gnitiyev has just completed an exchange study internship at the Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University of Leuven.


09.07.2015 18:46 Education, Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1222

VSU students' internship in one of the oldest European universities

Voronezh State University and the University of Tartu (Tartu Ülikool, Estonia) have a long history of partnership. VSU has been running joint internship programmes with the one of the oldest universities of the Northern and Eastern Europe since 1995. Two VSU students has just completed one of such internships at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.


09.07.2015 14:41 Research / Viewed: 1018

VSU postgraduate student gives a talk at the European Polymer Congress in Dresden

From 21–26 June a postgraduate student of the Department of High Molecular Compounds and Colloids of the Faculty of Chemistry of Voronezh State University Petr Kuschev took part in the European Polymer Congress 2015 in Dresden (Germany) and gave a talk entitled «Obtaining of aqueous dispersions of cross-linked poly-N-vinylcaprolactam and their aggregative stability».


08.07.2015 20:36 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1124

New ways of cooperation with China

On 7 June, a meeting between the university administration and the delegation of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (Hebei, China) headed by the Rector Wang Haibo was held in the Conference Hall of the main building of Voronezh State University.


08.07.2015 15:32 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1346

VSU students take part in the summer school Atos

On 3 July, the summer school Atos awarded the certificates to its graduates.


08.07.2015 12:26 Foreign trainings' reports / Viewed: 1019

VSU offers a chance to enter into the spirit of Austrian studentship

One of the most important areas of development for Voronezh State University is implementation of joint academic programmes with foreign partners that promotes academic and scientific cooperation and intercultural dialogue.


07.07.2015 18:19 Culture / Viewed: 1192

The Theatre of Equals is the only company from Russia at the international dance and theatre festival in Germany

From 28 June – 2 July, the Theatre of Equals took part in the international dance and theatre festival Rampenlichter in Munich (Germany).


07.07.2015 15:10 Education / Viewed: 1229

Graduation ceremony for VSU foreign students

On 6 July, the International Education Institute held the graduation ceremony for VSU foreign graduates of 2015 in the Concert Hall of Voronezh State University.


01.07.2015 17:03 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1235

VSU's plans to open the second joint Master's programme with the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

On 6 July, the Rector of Voronezh State University Professor Dmitry Yendovitsky, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics Professor Aleksandr Bayev, the Head of the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy Associate Professor Oleg Ovchinnikov had a meeting with the Executive Director of Global Engagement of the University of Texas at Brownsville Alla Paroiatnikova.


01.07.2015 16:54 Education, Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1300

New collaborations between VSU and medical and pharmaceutical companies

On 29 June, Voronezh State University held a presentation for representatives of medical and pharmaceutical industries.


01.07.2015 13:47 Sport / Viewed: 1000

Assistant of the Faculty of Physics of VSU sets a backstroke record for Russia

The V Open Masters swimming tournament «Black Sepia» was held in Moscow in the sport complex "Olimpiisky".


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