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21.07.2015 16:31

VSU scholars offer an effective anticorrosion technology

A project done by a student of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the VSU Faculty of Chemistry Alexey Kruzhilin, supervised by Head of the Department Prof. Khidmet Shikhaliev, has become the winner of the UMNIK programme of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology in the area of Advanced Materials and Technologies. The department members are involved in the development of innovative nanodimensional layers of the functional derivatives of aminotriazole for the purpose of creating new corrosion inhibitors for non-ferrous metals.

The invention is essentially multicoating including nanodimensional self-organizing surface layers and polymeric films of the functional derivatives of aminotriazole. They possess an anticorrosion activity and are applied to the surface using metal exposure in the water solution of the required concentration for an hour. The scholars' work has resulted in obtaining the first samples and examining their passivating power for copper. There are plans of expanding the range of aminotriazole derivatives, as well as setting up the production aimed at selling corrosion inhibitors.

The developed materials and coatings may be used for anticorrosion protection of metal structures, equipment and industrial products, particularly the machines for large power plants (nuclear and heat power plants, radio engineering complexes, civil and naval vessels), the machines at chemical plants and oil refineries, as well as microelectronics and instrument engineering products.

Reducing the consumption of time, resources, and manpower, as well as decreasing the environmental impact, are made possible due to the modern approaches to the synthetic process using large laboratory reactors and reactors suitable for microwave activation.

The chemical industry of the comprises over 7000 enterprises with 775 large and medium-scale ones, over 100 scientific and development agencies and experimental plants with about 800 thousand people working at them. All these enterprises and agencies took part in manufacturing and implementation of various chemical compounds, including the corrosion inhibitors. Among the largest, there are 37 most prominent enterprises, namely: OAO Napor, OAO Azimut, ZAO Aton, OOO L-Reagent, ZAO Research and production center "Chemtechno", ООО TtatneftChemservice, OOO Chemcorservice, OOO RosAqua, etc. Lower production costs and the wide assortment of the functional derivatives of the weedazol make these enterprises competitive in the world market.

The prospective customers are plants and companies producing complex anti-corrosive coating. The enterprises can sell their products to the immediate consumers – companies working in the metal production, oil-processing, engineering, and chemical clusters.

Provided that the research goes on successfully and the technology of producing derivative weedazol is developed and its anticorrosive properties are thoroughly studied, the industrial production of the product may be launched. The pay-back period is two years.

VSU Press Service  


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