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31.08.2015 16:41 Social work / Viewed: 1090

A new look at the VSU Botanical Garden

On 29th August, Voronezh State University's Botanical Garden held a volunteer clean-up as part of a programme aimed at its improvement.


28.08.2015 15:58 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1920

VSU students ascend the peak of Elbrus

From 17th–21st August a group of VSU's students had an expedition to Elbrus – the highest mountain peak of Russia and Europe.


26.08.2015 15:44 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1595

A VSU graduate tells his story of success

Graduates of Voronezh State University tell the university's entrants about their life, how they built their career after graduation and how the university helped them in it. This time Kirill Bakhtin, a graduate of the Department of Economic Analysis and Audit of the Faculty of Economics, a graduate of a master's degree programme of New Economic School (NES, 2009), and a CFA Сharterholder, PhD in Economics, told his story of success.


25.08.2015 21:11 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 2119

Friendly links between VSU and Germany: the VSU German alumni get together

On 25th–27th August, Voronezh state University hosted the Forum of the VSU graduates from Germany – the members of the German Alumni Association of Voronezh State University (Association Deutscher Absolventender Woronesher Universität – DAWU).


12.08.2015 16:05 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1537

VSU scientists know how to manipulate objects with your eyes

The work of a student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Voronezh State University 'Eye-tracking operating systems of external devices' which is being implemented under the supervision of the Head of the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics, an Associate Professor Yaroslav Turovsky, is dedicated to creating such a system.


10.08.2015 15:56 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1488

VSU scientists offer new approaches to vegetable oils waste application

The project of Aleksandra Peregudova, a young scientist of Voronezh State University and a postgraduate student of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry, "Preparation of ozonated oil derivatives with high rates of residual desaturated fatty acids with high biological and antioxidant activity" provides opportunities for a new scope of application of oils as well as tackling the problem of the waste recycling.


07.08.2015 14:52 Collaboration, Culture / Viewed: 1445

The Theatre of Equals plans a tour in the Voronezh Region

The Theatre of Equals among whose actors are young people with disabilities is going to give guest performances in the region.


06.08.2015 15:12 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1531

VSU scholar's development will help fight cancer more effectively

A project done by Petr Kuschev, a postgraduate student of the Department of High Molecular Compounds and Colloids of the VSU Faculty of Chemistry, is aimed at studying and creating microgel-based medicinal products to ensure higher effectiveness of the delivery of physiologically active substances in the human body.


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