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29.09.2015 15:13 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1150

Research collaboration with Rubber Valley Co., Ltd

On September 23 and 24, Prof. Viacheslav Kuznetsov from the Department of High Molecular Compounds and Colloids of the VSU Faculty of Chemistry and Maria Lavlinskaya, a PhD student, took part in the Third International Conference "Polymer materials contest – 2015" held by Rubber Valley Co., Ltd in Qingdao, China, where Maria Lavlinskaya was awarded a special prize for her report.


25.09.2015 21:31 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 1951

Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Aleksey Volin: 'A journalist today has to be good at everything'

On 25th September, in the framework of the III regional mediaforum "Regional press under crisis: how to be a winner" a meeting of the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Aleksey Volin and the Vice-Director of the Department of Communications and Mass Media of the Voronezh Region Ilia Sakharov with students, academic staff and representatives of regional Media took place in the auditorium of the main building of Voronezh State University.


25.09.2015 17:55 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1573

Interview with our graduate who shares his secret of how to make a career of your childhood dream

Our graduates remember with fondness the years they spent at the university. Many of those who have left their alma mater have a very packed schedule and still they manage to find time to tell the current students about how the skills and knowledge they gained when studying at the university helped them to start their career.


25.09.2015 16:51 Sport / Viewed: 1153

Our streetball team wins second prize

On 23rd September, streetball competitions took place in Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture. The men's team of Voronezh State University took the second prize.


24.09.2015 18:48 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 1205

Our collaboration with RUSNANO expands

Our university has become the winner of the open competition of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes (RUSNANO).


24.09.2015 17:43 Culture, Innovations / Viewed: 1276

Our lecturers and students will become characters of pictures by Voronezh artists

On 21st September, the project "VSU through the eyes of Voronezh artists" started at Voronezh State University.


24.09.2015 15:34 Education / Viewed: 1387

Our Rector is among the most Media active Rectors of Russia

On 18th September, Lomonosov's Moscow State University held the first Information Exchange Forum organised by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The competition involved creating a top list of the most mediaactive rectors of Russia that included the Rector of Voronezh State University Dmitry Yendovitsky.


23.09.2015 18:47 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 2288

A new stage of cooperation between Russia and France: Voronezh State University and High Institute of Commerce (Paris) will train executives

On 23rd September, a foreign delegation headed by the French Counsellor of International Economics, the president of the international commission MEDEF Philippe Verbert visited the university.


23.09.2015 17:21 Education / Viewed: 1341

A master's student of the Faculty of Journalism wins national competitions

Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency and International Press Club finalized the results of the XI National competition among young journalists focusing on high-profile issues – "Challenge – XXI century". The judges of the competition recognised the work of a master's student of the Faculty of Journalism Elena Turina "Prepaid Session" as the best in the nomination "Report".


23.09.2015 17:14 Education, Pre-university education / Viewed: 1326

Our university takes part in the profession-orientation session for talented children

"Science is interesting!" was the moto of the profession-orientation session for talented children "Golden Section – 2" that was held between 7th and 27th September in the recreation boarding house "Repnoye".


22.09.2015 12:10 Sport / Viewed: 1461

Our team takes the second prize in the regional mini football Spartakiad

On 18th September, Mini football Spartakiad for the Voronezh region's universities' academic staff and personnel was held. Eight universities took part in the event.


21.09.2015 18:05 Sport / Viewed: 1003

Our swimming team shows good results at the Swimming Spartakiad

On 17th September, Swimming Spartakiad for the Voronezh region's universities' academic staff and personnel was held. Eight universities took part in the event.


21.09.2015 16:19 Sport / Viewed: 1276

Achievements of our basketball team

On 12th and 13th September, National Student 3x3 Basketball Tournament took place in Moscow. Our team showed good results and reached the quarter-finals where it lost to the team from Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design SPGUPTD-VARTON.


21.09.2015 15:53 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1252

Our birthday congratulations to Voronezh

On 19th September, the university volunteers took part in the march dedicated to the celebration of the City Day.


21.09.2015 13:46 Student's life / Viewed: 1358

Our students take part in the archaeological expedition of Russian geographic society

This summer students of the Historical Faculty Ludmila Karebina and Daria Zelenova took part in the archaeological expedition of Russian geographic society "Kyzyl-Kuragino".


21.09.2015 12:37 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1822

Our university holds a fair of student mobility programmes

On 17th September, a fair of student mobility programmes organised by the Office for International Student Programmes of the International Cooperation Department was held in the reading hall of the university main building.


18.09.2015 12:31 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1216

Our university strengthens its positions in the field of teaching Chinese

On 17th September, a delegation of Xinjiang Pedagogical University (China) visited our university. The goal of the visit was to establish cooperation between the two universities.


17.09.2015 17:22 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1146

Elbrus chronicles of our students

On 17th September, the exhibition "Elbrus chronicles" dedicated to our university's students recent ascent to the highest peak of Russia and Europe – Elbrus, was opened in the first floor hall of the main building of the university.


16.09.2015 20:17 Culture / Viewed: 1149

Photo adventures of our graduate

Between 10th and 30th September, a one-person exhibition of a member of the photo club Fotum Anastasia Kolesnikova "Photo Adventures" took place in the Photography Centre of Voronezh State University.


16.09.2015 12:09 Education, Research / Viewed: 1133

Our lecturer becomes a laureate of a national best scientific book competition

The book by Head of the Department of English Language for Sciences Faculties Marina Sternina 'Comparative Parameter Method of Linguistic Research' became a laureate of the national best scientific book competition 2014 in the nomination "Humanities".


15.09.2015 18:51 Student's life / Viewed: 1274

Our students demonstrate their talents at the School for Student Activists

On Saturday, 12th September, the closing ceremony of the School for Student Activists was held at the Venevitinovo recreation facility. Five days of the event were dedicated to the following topics: circus skills, acting skills, dancing, photo&video, voice-training and basics of organisational management.


15.09.2015 11:46 Education, Ratings / Viewed: 960

Our university included in the world QS ratings for the third time

On 15th September, the British company QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) published the results of the QS University Rankings. It has included Voronezh State University for the third year in a row.


14.09.2015 20:26 Education, Innovations / Viewed: 1303

Our successful attendance at the forum "RIF–Voronezh 2015"

On 11th and 12th September, the Internet forum "RIF–Voronezh 2015" was held in Voronezh.


14.09.2015 18:13 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1457

International conference "Social changes in the global world" organised by VSU

Between September 3rd and 5th, the International conference "Social changes in the global world" was held in Stip (Macedonia).


11.09.2015 22:29 Culture / Viewed: 1393

From cartoons to animation career – great animation master at VSU

On September 11th, an outstanding animated film master, Robert Lence, visited our university.


11.09.2015 11:22 Sport / Viewed: 919

Our team – winners of the field and track cross-country run

On September 9th, the university faculty took part in the field and track cross-country run. Teams from 6 other Voronezh universities took part in the competition. Our team won the first prize.


10.09.2015 17:19 Ideas and Experience / Viewed: 1112

VSU graduate about the importance of creativity, continuous development and useful contacts

The University alumni often give interviews telling about the role that VSU has played in their life and career, and about the skills required from specialists in a certain area. This time we interviewed Sergey Chistyakov, graduate of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Director of OOO "Just So Soft".


09.09.2015 17:11 Education, Innovations, Student's life / Viewed: 1161

Our students at the National Students Forum 2015

Between September 3rd and 6th, VSU students and employees took part in the National Students Forum 2015, held in Rostov-on-Don by the Southern Federal University.


09.09.2015 16:03 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1374

Business meeting in an unusual format – VSU researchers visiting Tibet

In August our delegation went to Tibet upon the invitation of the Sichuan Natural Resources Research Institute within the framework of the agreement between the Institute and VSU signed in 2013.


09.09.2015 14:53 Collaboration, Education, Pre-university education / Viewed: 1250

International Literacy Day

On September 8th, on the International Literacy Day, the XI Contest "The most intelligent" was held at the I.S. Nikitin Regional Scientific Library, organised by Voronezh State University, the Centre "Language and Human", the "Word Territory" radio programme and supported by the Voronezh Regional Duma Council for using the Russian language in social spheres.


08.09.2015 17:47 Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 1125

Travellers training course for VSU students

On September 5th and 6th, the travellers club 'Belaya Gora' held the Third Annual Travellers Training Course for students of all faculties.


08.09.2015 17:39 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 1481

VSU researchers will seek gold and study soils in China

On September 8th, delegates from Sichuan Institute of Nuclear Science and Geology, headed by the chief engineer Kahn Yalong, visited our University.


08.09.2015 14:29 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 1063

First success of the VSU student project

On September 3rd, the third National Festival of Short Films "Sky-Cinema" opened in Tambov, with over 400 participants coming from 20 cities, including Voronezh.


07.09.2015 15:16 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1178

Continuous education at VSU

A year ago, our University launched a unique project – Part-Time Arts School. In June 2015, 25 students successfully finished the programme and became the first graduates of the School.


07.09.2015 13:04 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1396

Interactive master's dissertations defence within the double degree programme of VSU and the University of Marne-la-Vallée (France)

On September 4th, our University held a video-conference master's dissertations defence for students studying on the double degree programme "International tourism management" conducted jointly by VSU and the University of Marne-la-Vallée.


07.09.2015 12:53 Collaboration, Sport / Viewed: 1437

Buran hockey club meeting with fans at VSU

On September 6th, Buran hockey club held the traditional meeting with its fans before the start of the new season.


03.09.2015 19:35 Ratings / Viewed: 1546

VSU keeps its positions in international rankings

Voronezh State University has become one of 27 Russian universities included in the international Round University Ranking (RUR).


03.09.2015 18:31 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1379

VSU extends its partnership in the East

On September 1st Voronezh State University and Providence University (Taichung, Taiwan) signed a memorandum of understanding.


03.09.2015 17:18 Collaboration, Culture / Viewed: 2205

Cultural revolution at VSU

A unique event was held in the University Hall on September 2nd – musicians of the Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra congratulated VSU students and staff on the beginning of the new academic year by an excellent and extremely emotional concert.


02.09.2015 18:26 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 2778

The Head of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank PAO Sberbank shares his secrets of success with VSU students

The Head of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank PAO Sberbank Vladimir Salmin delivered a lecture for University students and staff in the VSU conference-hall on September 2nd. The lecture was dedicated to goal-setting and leadership which are the main keys to success.


02.09.2015 12:59 Education / Viewed: 1051

"University book – 2015"

On 27th August, the results of the VII National competition among institutions of higher education "University book – 2015" were announced. VSU Publishing House submitted for the competition eight books, four of them received diplomas and certificates.


01.09.2015 17:51 Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 1378

VSU celebrates the 'Knowledge Day'

In 2015, a few thousand students started their first year at Voronezh State University. Each university faculty held events where first year students met their deans and lecturers.


01.09.2015 17:43 Culture / Viewed: 1412

"Three names, three genres" – an exhibition at VSU

On 1st September, the History Museum of Voronezh State University opened the exhibition "Three names, three genres" which presented works by Svetlana Golovskaya (portraits), Arina Mestcheryakova (landscapes) and Svetlana Khondo (still life paintings).


01.09.2015 16:29 Student's life / Viewed: 1420

"A start for students – 2015"

On 31st August and 1st September, student activists held an event for first year students – "A start for students – 2015".


01.09.2015 12:24 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 1455

Delegation of interns from China visits VSU

On 31st August, a delegation of interns from China visited Voronezh State University to study Contemporary issues in industrial policy and statistical accounting.


01.09.2015 11:17 Innovations / Viewed: 1380

Forbes tells about VSU innovation developments

On 1st September, the web-portal Forbes published an article about successful innovative technologies of VSU.


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